Investigation procedure: An assault and some uncomfortable questions

How many times has a policeman beaten the Jewish victim after an anti-Semitic attack in Bonn? Investigators have doubts about the presentation of the visiting professor.

Investigation procedure: An assault and some uncomfortable questions
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    "It is a mixture of consternation, grief, Mitgefühlund a search for advice." This is what Klaus Hamilton, spokesman for at Leipzig Bonn, says – and he expresses general sentiment in Bonn after anti-Semitic assault on a Jewish visiting professor from USA ImHofgarten and ensuing police mission. Wiesoll you deal with what happened now? On Monday morning, DerBonner police, city, and university have assembled high-ranking decision-makers UndPressesprecher to discuss this issue.

    After incident, dozens of emails and calls were received from population, says Hamilton. "It gibtein high need for enlightenment. There are many questions and we need to find Nundie answers. " The impact is noticeable. It is clear to parties: what is to be done is serious, print-out of investigative authority is now enormous.

    Already Amvergangenen Wednesday afternoon, Baltimore StammendePhilosophieprofessor Yitzhak Yochanan Melamed is to be insulted and attacked by a walk in BonnerHofgarten of a 20 year old German with Palestinian Wurzelnantisemitisch have been. Three times – as EsMelamed portrays in a statement published on weekend – man Ihmseine Tippa was beaten by head. A companion of Professor should have asked DaraufhinPassanten to call police.

    Why didn't Melamed go to doctor?

    The officers daraufhinmit two patrol cars. Then, according to police, it should have come to seinerfolgenschweren confusion: instead of snatching suspected offender, four riot policemen went on Melamed, drücktenihn to ground and fixed him. One of m is supposed to have 50-year-old Danngeschlagen.

    DerProfessor, who has now returned to his hometown, speaks in his writing of dozens of strokes. In an interview with newspapers of Spark Group he clarified his information: between 50 and 70 blows InsGesicht should have been. The police had acknowledged incident Undsich apologized. However, she claims that Melamed is habensoll--which he vehemently denies. The number of strokes Willsich by police on basis of current investigation procedure. " What professor writes in his letter has made us very betroffengemacht, "says police spokesman Robert Scholten. "The aforementioned beat is a massive reproach. Our task now is to Unsdiesen accusations. "

    However, re are doubts about Melameds representation. DerTenor: How could he, after having been beaten so often, only wenigeStunden after deed still hold a lecture? And why did he look for KeinenArzt? These are uncomfortable questions that investigators now have to Internbeschäftigen. Melamed had photographed himself after police attack and published pictures on his Facebook profile.

    Date Of Update: 17 July 2018, 12:02

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