Italy: At least 30 deaths at bridge collapse in Genoa

In Genoa a bridge partially collapsed. Rescue workers were able to recover some survivors. According to transport ministers, construction work was not to blame for the collapse.

Italy: At least 30 deaths at bridge collapse in Genoa

In Italian port city of Genoa a four-lane bridge of inner-city Highway 10 partially collapsed. According to interior Minister Matteo Salvini, at least 30 people were killed. The Italian news agency reported, citing fire brigade of at least 35 deaths. Why bridge collapsed is still unclear at moment.

The operator told me that re had been maintenance work on building. There was a construction crane on bridge itself. The state of bridge and progress of renovation were checked again and again. It was only when a secured access to accident site was possible that more details could be said about causes of collapse, company continued to inform. Minister of Transport Danilo Toninelli concluded in a radio interview that construction work on bridge was reason for collapse.

The four-lane Morandi Bridge in west of city was around noon – "After a huge storm", as police tweeted – collapsed on a length of about 200 meters and had torn cars and trucks in depths. The first shots from unlucky point were bridge, which was in a large dust cloud. Also on Twitter course shots:

Violento nubifragio Genova crollo parte del viadotto Polcevera-Morandi km 0.200 su autostrada A10 Uscita obbligatoria Genova Aeroporto direzione Ventimiglia Uscita obbligatoria Bivio A10 con A7 direzione Genova @StradeAnas @DPCgov @emergenzavvf @Viminale @ ComunediGenova

— Polizia di Stato (@poliziadistato) August 14th, 2018

According to fire brigade, more than 300 rescue forces were in use. Some were looking for victims with sniffing dogs. In addition, heavy equipment is used to lift parts of collapsed bridge. Several survivors could be saved. People who lived near bridge were brought out of ir homes as a precaution.

Italy-motorway bridge in Genoa collapsed in norrn Italy, more than ten people were killed by collapse of a motorway bridge. It is still unclear how it could come to collapse in Genoa. © Photo: Andrea Leoni/AFP/Getty Images

Vice-Minister of Edoardo Rixi said in an interview with FernsehsenderSkyNews24 that it was "unacceptable that such an important Brückenicht was built in a way that a collapse was impossible".

Transport Minister Toninelli described collapse of bridge as an "appalling tragedy". "I am observing with great concern what has happened in Genoa and what looks like an appalling tragedy," five-star politician tweeted. "We are in close contact with motorway operators and will be on site with Deputy Minister Rixi." Prime Minister Giuseppe Contewollte according to his office in evening to Genoa Travel Alsobe stay re on Wednesday.

Macron offers support

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of right-wing populist Lega thanked rescue forces for ir rapid deployment, which can now also receive support from France. He will "do everything to get names of those responsible in past and present". It was "unacceptable to die in this way in Italy," said Salvini

"Our thoughts are with victims, ir families and whole Italian people", French president Emmanuel Macron tweeted. "France is on side of Italy in this tragedy and is ready to provide all necessary help."

Nos pensées vont aux victims, à leurs proches et à tout le peuple Italy. La France est aux côtés de d'italie dans cette tragédie et se tient prêt à apporter tout le soutien nécessaire. Genova Gênes

— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) August 14, 2018

The Polcevera viaduct, which is colloquially named after its planner Riccardo Morandi, is an inner-city motorway bridge with a total length of 1,182 meters. The cable-stayed bridge in west of city was completed in 1967, but was set up two years ago. It runs in 42 meters above a part of city, under it re is an industrial and commercial area, track systems and also some apartment blocks. It forms beginning of A10 from Genoa to Ventimiglia, which runs along Italian Riviera through Liguria to French border.

Date Of Update: 15 August 2018, 12:00

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