Italy: Justice identified against Interior Minister Salvini

Media reports are about abuse of authority in connection with the rescue ship 34;D Iciotti 34;. For the people on the ship, however, a solution stands out.

Italy: Justice identified against Interior Minister Salvini

According to media reports, Italian judiciary has initiated an investigation into Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. In connection with refugees detained on lifeboat Diciotti, Italian media reported against Salvini for "deprivation of liberty, illegal arrest and abuse of power". The investigation also includes Salvinis head of company. Salvini told Italian news agency Ansa that it was a "shame" to be identified against minister who is committed to protection of country's borders.

On August 15th ship of Italian Coast Guard had taken on board a total of 190 boat refugees. The Rome government initially refused to allow ship to access an Italian port. Later Diciotti was allowed to moor in Sicilian Catania.

Most of passengers were initially denied aisle on land. Several dozen refugees were now allowed to leave ship. Now a solution is emerging: according to Salvini, Italian church could accommodate a large part of refugees. In addition, Albania and Ireland would include some of people.

Italy's government argues that country is overwhelmed by intake of refugees from Mediterranean. It requires or EU countries to take up migrants.

Date Of Update: 26 August 2018, 12:00

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