Italy: Minors are allowed to leave D Iciotti

Migrants are still on board the ship of the Italian Coast Guard. The prosecutor's office now ordered to leave children and young people on board.

Italy: Minors are allowed to leave  D Iciotti

Italy has allowed 29 minors aboard Diciotti to go ashore. This was shared by a prosecutor from Sicilian Agrigento. Previously, public Prosecutor's Office had taken a picture of situation of total of 177 refugees in context of an investigation of possible deprivation of liberty aboard ship of Italian Coast Guard.

The people awaited on Wednesday second day in a row on Diciotti in port of Catania in Sicily. Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini had asked EU on Sunday to find Member States willing to take up migrants. Only n will refugees be allowed to go on board. The chief of Partisans in right-wing extremist party even threatened to bring rescued back to Libya if no European solution could be achieved.

Salvini now responded with approval to prosecution's actions. "There are on board ' Diciotti ' 29 children?" he wrote on Facebook. "You may go on board. Now. Even if Brussels sleeps. "

Germany is waiting

Meanwhile, federal government is hesitating with a possible takeover of migrants. The European Commission also contacted Germany with a request for admission, but a decision on this was not yet taken, it was said in Federal ministry.

Germany is, in principle, a "humanitarian responsibility within framework of European solidarity," said a spokeswoman. However, federal government expects or Member States to take part in a recording action: "Solidarity cannot be a one-way street."

Protest at port

Salvini made fun of protesters on Twitter who protested in port of Catania with banners like "Let's Stay human" against his harsh stance. "The ' very numerous ' protesters who still want to pick up migrants have arrived in Catania... Shall I send you a kiss? "he wrote to a picture showing about 20 demonstrators in Sicilian harbor, and provided tweet with a kiss-emoji. He also criticized a representative of Coast Guard, who had described handling of refugees taken by Diciotti as embarrassing.

After a day of controversy with Malta, Italy had allowed ship to be set up in Catania at beginning of week. Salvinis hard stance is criticized by coalition partner five stars. President of Parliament Roberto Fico of five stars wrote on Twitter that one must allow migrant to leave ship. "They can no longer be detained on board." In Brussels, a spokeswoman for EU Commission called for everything to be done to ensure that people could safely leave Diciotti.

Italy has been lamenting for some time that brunt of migration is in European Union. Since 2014, more than 650,000 people have reached Italian coast.

Date Of Update: 23 August 2018, 12:00

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