Italy: Salvini prohibits refugees from leaving a ship

A ship of the Italian Coast Guard has brought 67 migrants to the Sicilian Trapani. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, however, forbids them to go on board.

Italy: Salvini prohibits refugees from leaving a ship

Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has banned 67 refugees who have been picked up by Italian Coast Guard in Mediterranean Sea from leaving ship. After Diciotti was allowed to moor in port of Sicilian city of Trapani on Thursday afternoon, Salvini forbade people on board to go ashore.

"I do not allow anyone to leave Diciotti," said Salvini on sidelines of EU interior ministerial meeting in Innsbruck. "If someone does it, n at ir own risk."

La nave Diciotti è nel porto di Trapani. Due i denunciati. Ma Salvini precisa: "Non autorizzo Sbarco" → Https://

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Salvini had refused Diciotti on Wednesday to create an Italian port. On board re are 58 men, three women and six children. They were first taken on board by Italian ship Vos Thalassa off Libyan coast. Some of refugees, however, were to be treated against crew at Vos Thalassa. According to media reports, crew members n joined command room and agreed to rescue centre in Rome.

On Wednesday, Salvini had spoken of "criminals" and "violent pirates" who were to be brought on board in handcuffs. On Thursday, Italian interior minister threatened refugees again: "If re was violence (aboard Vos Thalassa), those responsible will go to jail, and if it was not, n someone lied and will bear consequences."

Distress Rescue FAQ on situation in Mediterranean

Europe has longbeen foreclosed: is Europe overrun by refugees from North Africa? No. Since autumn 2015, Europe has increasingly turned into a fortress, shows our graphics.

fewer deaths at sea mean more deaths in desert: what it means to make African countries bouncers of migration: Who is caught must go back. This is why people choose even more dangerous routes.

Why doesn't it stop dying? The Mediterranean remains a mass grave for migrants. Which routes for refugees are re, who provides help and why are re problems again and again?

fewer helpers mean more deaths: Private rescue ships in Mediterranean help smuggling gangs, claim EU politicians. However, an evaluation of position data shows that helpers adhere to rules.

at Europe's New frontier: To prevent refugees, Europe is shifting its borders and not afraid of dark business. The defensive zones extend to West Africa.

"Migrants are a business model for many Libyans": tortured and enslaved – migrants experience inhumanity in Libya. There are no rules to halt smugglers, says migration expert Leonard Doyle.

Aid agencies represented in Trapani, among m UN Refugee relief agency UNHCR, UNICEF children's charity and MSF, expressed concern about delay in evening. They urged Italian authorities to have a first-time psychological and medical care. People would have to be left on board and supplied with most necessary goods, starting with minors and those in need of help. The signatories of Joint Declaration also include International Organization for Migration IOM, Intersos and save Children.

Salvini wants to reduce number of refugees to zero

The vice-Prime minister and leader of xenophobic party of Lega wants to reduce number of refugees arriving in Italy to zero. In June, he decided that ships of aid agencies with refugees on board could no longer be allowed to dock in Italian ports. Salvini also wants to extend this ban to ships of official international missions in Mediterranean. It wants to increase pressure on or EU countries to accept refugees mselves.

Italy is main destination for refugees arriving in EU from Africa through Mediterranean. The complete foreclosure of country, however, is controversial within Italian Regierungskoaltion: The left wing of five-star ruling party (M5S) of Luigi Di Maio rejects closure of ports for ships with refugees, especially if y Go under Italian flag.

Date Of Update: 13 July 2018, 12:02

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