Japan: Cult founder executed for attack on Tokyo subway

The founder of an end-of-time sect was executed in Japan. The group had released 1995 nerve gas; Thirteen people died at that time, 6,000 were injured.

Japan: Cult founder executed for attack on Tokyo subway

More than two decades after deadly poison gas attack on subway in Tokyo, chief of Aum sect, Shoko Asahara, has been executed. Government spokesman Yoshihide Sugabestätigte media reports that long-standing Todestraktinsasseam Friday has been hanged. Meldungenüber six well-directed followers Asaharas confirmed Suga Zunächstnicht.

Asahara was founder of sect Aum Shinrikyo, who believes in demise of world. Their members had, on March 20, 1995 at time of morning occupational traffic directly under government quarter of Japanese capital in several trains of plastic bags with sarin and thus released lethal nerve gas. 13 people died, more than 6,000 were injured.

With attack, sect wanted to prevent a planned police raid against its headquarters at foot of Holy Mountain Fuji. More than 190 AUM members were made process. Masterminding Asahara and twelve or men were sentenced to death. In January of this year, last legal proceedings against members of sect were concluded.

Asahara was 63 years old; He has been on death row for more than a decade. Experts had warned in past that executions could make perpetrators into martyrs in eyes of ir followers. Japan, third largest economic nation in world, is one of few industrialised countries that have death penalty.

Weapons Camp accumulated

Asahara, who wore bourgeois name Chizuo Matsumoto, had founded sect 1984. The center of doctrine of half-blind, bearded guru with Zottelfrisurstand is an alleged apocalypse that would lead to a confrontation with DerRegierung. Many young people felt attracted by DerWeltuntergangssekte – including graduates VonEliteuniversitäten, who brought Asahara as minister of his fictitious Aum empire into his innermost circle. The disciples Betetenihn and followed his orders.

People who were sobered by materialist life in modern Japan were captivated. Cult leader Asahara used his teachings on elements of Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and yoga. His followers made bizarre rituals complete. This included drinking water in which guru had previously bad. His disciples wore Außerdemelektrisch-charged caps that would synchronize ir brain waves with JenenAsaharas.

Over time, Aum Shinrikyo piled an arsenal of chemical, bio and conventional weapons to Asaharasauszuführen criminal orders. The subway attack in March 1995 was biggest attack of sect.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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