Johan, hit record, Go to 49 000 in the back


Tvåbarnspappan from sweden and turned out in the end for the tv show ”Lyxfällan” on TV3.

as His economy was so disastrous that he had to get out of having the care and custody of their children, and end up on the street.

the Problems started with his burned out on the job husbilsförsäljare. He did a lot of work, and earning a good wage. It all went on, but one day it stops.
a number of extreme retail outlets
I have always had the good of the economy, and the only problem was that I continued to live in the same way when I got off work, ” he says to Expressen.

as A concerned friend, ” says the ”Lyxfällan” his impulskonsumerar the expensive stuff because he wants people to think he is a good economic assessment.

the bill’s extreme automotive dealerships, is an example. He bought himself a Porsche Cayenne, a Hummer, and two BMW’s (including an M5): (a). The second-hand cars, of course, but still for the sky-high costs. Billånen is located just below the 4 per cent rate of interest, but it was Johan, the more expensive consumer loans with an 8 percent interest rate.

the Lyxfällans, television presenter, Magnus Hedberg, sums up the bill’s spending and revenue are to be noted as a new record: Only transport costs, that is to say, to keep lyxbilarna, which amounts to 17 200 euros each month (these loans are not included in the calculation).

His salary as a salesman lay in the 25 to 400. In total, he’s spending the 73 900 per month. He is bleeding financially, ” says the host of the show, in the ”Lyxfällan”.
Johan, four lyxbilarna that he and his family certainly couldn’t afford or didn’t have to.Photo by: < / b> TV3

this is Something that is weighing down the economy, are also two of the house john bought for the purpose of renovating and selling. But he had been hungry, and the rent of the place out of the houses to the right, for the low price. The houses are mortgaged, with an expensive second mortgage on 5.5% interest rate.

Lyxfällans, Magnus Hedberg, sighing.

the Cost will spiral if you don’t stop the bleeding.

as Of the six months, Johan is close to a million dollars in various loans. He has scored 636 transactions of the Swish, according to the statements of account.

“It’s crazy, and I don’t know if I should laugh or cry,” he says.

with the Threat of getting rid of the children’s place at the nursery, because of debt was a serious eye-opener. This destructive behavior needs to stop.

‘ Listen to the warning signs,”

and He was using the ”Lyxfällan” to sell the car and try to get rid of some of the most expensive loans in order to get back on their feet financially.

When a Gp is talking with john is, he is still a ”partial list” but it feels still a lot better now.

” I’ll do it much quieter, and the question is, is ago. All of this has been a very valuable learning experience, and I hope I can be an inspiration for others as well. There is a way out, you just have to listen to the warning signs.

”Lyxfällan” airs tonight, Tuesday 25/2 20: 00 at Viaplay, Viafree, and TV3.

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