Kim Jong Un’s increased appearances with his daughter are currently causing speculation about his successor. North Korea is now immortalizing the girl in a series of stamps. However, experts suspect a targeted propaganda strategy behind it.

North Korea has unveiled a new series of stamps depicting a rocket launch and the daughter of ruler Kim Jong Un. On the state stamp company’s website, the girl is referred to as Kim’s “beloved daughter,” but his name is not given. When the missile was launched in mid-November, North Korea fired an ICBM, drawing international criticism.

Kim first presented his daughter to the public when the rocket was launched, and since then she has appeared at her father’s side several times. Her name has not yet been officially announced. According to South Korean intelligence, this is Kim’s second child, Ju Ae.

Some experts see the public appearances and the immortalization on the stamps as indications that the girl should be developed as a possible successor to her father. However, other experts consider such assumptions to be premature, since Kim herself is still young and the daughter’s name has never been officially named. It’s quite possible that Ju Ae will be used for propaganda purposes while Kim’s eldest son “is being set up as a successor behind closed doors,” said Yang Moo Jin of the University of North Korean Studies in Seoul.