Kita: D ie think we dig only in the sand

INA Calendar verifies the quality of daycare centers. It evaluates the equipment, the development of the children, the educators. A conversation about buttons and stressed parents.

Kita:  D ie think we dig only in the sand
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    INA Calendar Office is located in Neukölln, where hipsters and clans, Hartz-IV recipients and Loftbewohnerinnen meet. The Workers ' Welfare (AWO), ir employer, wants employees to work in middle of neighborhood. Calendar visits on behalf of Berlin Senate daycare centers and children's shops for several days; It monitors, analyzes and evaluates. If rooms are stimulating, skills of children will be strengned here, what about language? For workers welfare she worked between 1986 and 2011 as a daycare manager. She says, "playing is a child's right."

    Online Time: Mrs. Kalender, you have been evaluating Berlin daycare centers for eight years. What does ideal daycare look like?

    INA Calendar: It's don't. A daycare is characterized by fact that it perceives needs UndAnsprüche parents and children who visit Kita and on Sieeingeht. And that's constantly changing. An ideal daycare would be a aufmerksameKita with open-minded people who take ir time and also involve ir parents.

    Online Time: Don't educators complain just about opposite? That parents interfere too much?

    Calendar: I find it important that parents share in what happens in daycare. Conversely, parents should also discuss ir burdens with kindergarten teachers. For example, I know a lot of people who care for ir children in shift service. The far takes her in morning, mor picks her up in afternoon. Family life is reduced to weekends and holidays.

    Time Online: What do you advise?

    Calendar: Parents should discuss ir workload with teachers. You have a right to bring your child to ten or half-past eleven to have more time with your child.

    Online Time: They started 1970 ir education. What has changed most since n?

    Calendar: In my first kindergarten re were still educators who were only concerned with caring for children. At same time, re was an educational awakening, children's shops emerged. In my first daycare, children with disabilities were cared for in isolation from or children's groups. Today, in times of inclusion, children learn toger and from each or. In many daycare centers, groups open up to give children a variety of educational opportunities. The children can decide where, with whom or what y want to play. The teachers are on ir side as companions.

    Online Time: What is most interesting development for you right now?

    Calendar: The opening. In past, many daycare centers, for example, had very rigid times. All children come at nine and have breakfast. Then morning Circle, n tinker two hours, n is noon. When did se children have time to play? The teachers often have a bad conscience when y sit next to it and accompany game. It is right not to always intervene. I like to say: Stretch your arm out, n you have distance and child's space. Break up structures! If group is on a trip and educators remember how intensively children are dealing with Eselbaby in petting zoo, n re is no more than twelve meals. The kids don't starve so fast.

    Online Time: Anor trend is to bring young children closer to science. How do you bring m to daycare?

    Calendar: The simplest is: Cook with children. Bake. As children learn to weigh, mix, chemical processes. How does that work? Where does electricity that heat furnace come from?

    Online Time: What is most often missing in daycare centers that you are evaluating?

    Calendar: Dealing with original tools, things of everyday use, such as a stone box, buttons, variety of instruments, or calligraphy fears, with which children can practise writing.

    Time online: So does a daycare need a stone crate as a basic equipment?

    Date Of Update: 20 August 2018, 12:00

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