Knife attack in Olda: Country court sentenced perpetrator to two-year suspended sentence

In November, a suspected asylum-seeker attacked the Altenaer mayor. The prosecutor withdrew the accusation of attempted murder.

Knife attack in Olda: Country court sentenced perpetrator to two-year suspended sentence

In process of knife attack on Altenaer Mayor Andreas Hollstein (CDU), District Court of Hagen pronounced a two-year probation sentence for dangerous bodily injury. The public prosecutor's Office had originally requested two and a half years imprisonment for alleged attacker.

In November 2017, 56-year-old Werner S. In a kebab shop had detained mayor and said: "They make me thirsty and bring 200 refugees to Olda." He n pressed mayor a knife against his neck. The two shopkeepers rushed to help attacked. The mayor suffered a 15 millimeter cut wound on his neck, and shopkeeper was easily injured in confrontation.

Arrest warrant revoked

Investigators had initially assumed a "presumed xenophobic motivation", prosecutor Hagen had accused S. attempted murder. He had acted in assassination and for low motives, had said a spokesman. The defendant was always in court, but denied any intention of killing and xenophobic motivation. The indictment n withdrew from accusation of murder and raised warrant against defendant on Thursday. It was no longer a matter of killing intent, penal chamber shared.

Hollstein had become known nationwide through his commitment to refugees. The CDU politician was awarded National Integration Award in May 2017 for his integration concept "from a refugee to a Altenaer citizen". He also announced that his city would have more refugees than Sauerland 18,000 population community would have to do according to required distribution key. This would, among or things, stop severe population decline. Due to his involvement, Hollstein had already reported before attack of threat scenarios and "hate-soaked anonymous mails". Also on day after knife assassination, he received mail from senders who "think deed is right".

Last year, re had been 183 asylum-hostile crimes against politicians nationwide. This is reported by Taz, citing an internal report by Federal Criminal Investigation Office (BKA). Thus, in four cases, re have been acts of violence; In addition, re were 35 property damage and 60 popular incitements. In general, however, crimes against politicians have decreased: by November 2017, BKA recorded a total of 516 offences, including eleven acts of violence. 2016 were, after research from time online, still more than 1,800 crimes against politicians addressed.

Date Of Update: 12 June 2018, 12:02

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