Libya: 100 refugees in the Mediterranean missing

Once again, a refugee boat is capsized off the Libyan coast. So far, only a few occupants have been saved. Aid organisations are calling on the EU to act.

Libya: 100 refugees in the Mediterranean missing

Off Libyan coast is a boat with numerous refugees and migrants capsized. The number of people affected was unclear: according to different media reports, 14 or 16 people were saved. As survivors and Libyan coast guards reported, about 120 refugees were on inflatable boat, which was about six kilometres from coast of Libya. 100 people would be missing.

The spokesman for Libyan coast Guard could not make precise information on nationality of persons on board. The boat was east of capital Tripoli capsized, he said. "We are still waiting for a word about ir destiny from a naval ship in area." It remained unclear when and from where boat lay off.

Last week, according to aid organisation, Doctors Without Borders have drowned at least 220 people in Mediterranean. It was week with most deaths on Mediterranean this year.

Libya does not want to build a reception camp

MSF calls on EU to make more efforts to reduce number of deaths in Mediterranean. The organization criticized recent EU decisions on asylum policy. They led to fact that protection seekers were set in detention camps in Libya and more people drowned in Mediterranean, said a statement. "The EU states must come to ir senses. They are deprived of ir responsibility to save human lives. "

At a summit in Brussels, EU countries agreed on a tightening of asylum policy. The Frontex border management Agency should refore be strengned. On a voluntary basis, joint asylum centres within EU should also be established and reception camps for refugees in third countries will be examined.

Libya had already refused to build such reception camps before summit. The country's negotiators are instead pushing for alternatives like Niger or Chad.

In Libya, many illegal smugglers are active, benefiting from disintegration after overthrow of long-standing leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. The country thus developed into one of most important Ablegeorte for refugees who want to come to Europe via Mediterranean. The EU has long been trying to get Libya to prevent refugees and migrants from crossing road. However, situation in Libya is dramatic: many refugees report that y have been detained, abused and raped re in camps. There is also talk of slave trade.

Date Of Update: 30 June 2018, 12:02

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