Lombok: Number of deaths risen to 400

After the strong earthquake on Lombok, the Indonesian authorities have recovered many more victims. Aftershocks complicate the rescue work.

Lombok: Number of deaths risen to 400

After severe earthquake on Indonesian island of Lombok before EinerWoche, number of people killed has risen significantly. The IndonesischeKatastrophenschutzbehörde is currently at least 436 dead. Thus, 1,350 were injured. More than 350,000 victims are currently homeless. DerSachschaden is estimated to be equivalent to more than 300 million euros.

On Sunday a week ago, an earthquake had shaken strength of 6.9 dieFerieninsel. Since n, re have been aftershocks that make vulnerability of or victims more difficult.

Indonesia is located on Pacific Ring – a volcanic belt that surrounds Pacific Ocean Vondrei sides. Again and again earth is shaking, which also triggers tsunamis typical of DenPazifik.

Date Of Update: 14 August 2018, 12:00

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