London cop convicted for kidnap and rape, murder, faces four new charges of indecent exposure

London - A former officer of the police who was sentenced to life in prison for kidnapping, rape, and murder of a woman walking home from London is now facing four charges for indecent exposure. 

London cop convicted for kidnap and rape, murder, faces four new charges of indecent exposure

These alleged crimes took place in Swanley, southeast England in February and January last year. This was just before Sarah Everard was killed by Wayne Couzens on March 3.

"Following the referral of evidence from the Metropolitan Police," the CPS authorized four charges for indecent exposure against Couzens. Rosemary Ainslie, head of CPS' special crime division Rosemary Ainslie, said in a statement.

Couzens was a member of the diplomatic protection unit. He will be appearing in London court on April 13. Police said that Everard's murder conviction gave him a life sentence and that Couzens will face the new charges on an undetermined date.

Everard was walking home from South London, March 2021 when Couzens falsely arrested her on the pretext that she had violated coronavirus rules. She was then raped, killed, and burned to death. Her body was found in a forest outside of the city one week later.

Everard's murder sparked large-scale protests against violence against women across the U.K., and when Everard's honor vigil was broken up by police officers, against heavy-handed police.

Everard's family released a statement following the September verdict. They said that Wayne Couzens received a life sentence and would spend the rest his life in prison. "Nothing can make Sarah's life better. Nothing can bring Sarah back. But knowing that he will be held indefinitely gives some relief.

The Metropolitan Police responded to the sentence by stating that they would no longer send plain-clothed officers out on their own and would only send them out in pairs unless it was exceptional.

John Apter, National Chair of Police Federation of England and Wales, stated in a statement, "This predator [Couzens] has been an absolute disgrace for the police service, and it is completely shameful that he was ever a cop officer." Although I'm proud to have a warrant card, this vile individual has abused that authority and cast a shadow over all who work in policing. His actions have brought shame to our uniform. I feel sickened by the way he used Sarah's trust."


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