Louisville activist is charged with attempted murder after shooting at the campaign office of a mayoral hopeful

Quintez Brown (21 years old) was also charged in connection to the shooting at Craig Greenberg’s office with four counts each of wanton endangerment.

Louisville activist is charged with attempted murder after shooting at the campaign office of a mayoral hopeful

Police said Monday that a Louisville activist was charged for attempted murder after shooting at Craig Greenberg, mayoral candidate, in his campaign office.

Quintez Brown (21 years old) was also taken into custody on four counts for wanton endangerment, according to the Louisville Metro Police Department Monday.

Although the department didn't provide any details about the motives, it stated that they believe the suspect acted on his own.

The Courier Journal reports that Brown, a prominent civil rights activist from Louisville, was previously an intern and editorial columnist at the newspaper.

According to the Courier Journal, he had just announced that he would run for Metro Council District 5.

His disappearance for approximately two weeks caused him to be headlines. A search was launched before he was finally found safe and sound on July 1.

Police said Monday's shooting took place at Greenberg's Butchertown Market office shortly after 10:10 a.m.


Greenberg, a Democratic candidate for the nomination, stated that he was in a meeting with his team at the time when the suspect entered their office.

He said, "When we met him, he pulled out his gun and pointed it at me, shooting."

Although a bullet did strike his sweater, neither he nor the campaign workers sustained any injuries. According to Greenberg, one campaign worker was able close the door and the suspect fled. According to Greenberg, the group barricaded the room with tables and desks.

Greenberg stated that while "we are shaken, but safe," and added that "much more must be done to stop this senseless gun violence."

The mayoral candidate refused to talk about the suspect or the motives for the case, pointing out that the investigation is ongoing by the police.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear stated that he was shocked to hear about Craig Greenberg's death.

"I spoke with Craig, and I am thankful that he is not physically hurt." He said that violence is not the solution.


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