Lübeck: Injured in a knife attack in a bus

Ten people have been injured in a bus in Lübeck, according to the police. The perpetrator is in custody, there is no evidence of a terrorist background.

Lübeck: Injured in a knife attack in a bus

According to police, several people were injured in a crime in a bus in Lübeck. In evening, she shared on Twitter, you go out of ten injured. They were taken to hospital. Previously, Schleswig-Holstein's interior Minister Hans-Joachim Grote had spoken of a total of nine injured. Six people were injured in diameter engravings, three in or ways. The bus driver got a fist punch, said Grote.

The identity of offender is clarified: a 34-year-old German citizen residing in Lübeck. There are currently no indications of a political radicalization of Man no signs of a terrorist background whatsoever. Kücknitz

— Police sh (@SH_Polizei) July 20, 2018

According to police, offender is in custody and is to be interrogated. The Lübeck upper prosecutor Ulla Hung said that it was a 34-year-old German national. The police confirmed this later: The man was domiciled in Lübeck. There was "no evidence of a political radicalization of man" and also "no signs of a terrorist background".

According to information from Spiegel TV, man suffers from psychological problems. His far told broadcaster that his son had felt persecuted by his neighbors and claimed that y had attacked him with SchädlichenStrahlen. Moreover, he was frustrated and annoyed because of private problems.

According to police, man attacked passengers of bus with a knife. The bus was fully occupied to offence was committed. As a spokeswoman told Lübeck Public prosecutor's office, passengers would have overwhelmed perpetrator. Many passengers and thus witnesses would have left crime scene before ir personalities could be taken up by police. The police are asking you to report.

According to Public Prosecutor's Office, fight agent clearing service was also in use to investigate a suspicious backpack on bus. A little later police confirmed that it had people puff away from backpack. There was a fire accelerator in it, but no explosives.

SH Interior Minister Grote completes attack attempt with explosives. The perpetrator's backpack was a fire accelerator. Backpack was on fire. Driver tried to delete. Then a handshake, n stabbed perpetrator with a knife. Lübeck Kücknitz Pic.twitter.com/6ChOKXRtad

— Steffen Lüdke (@stluedke) July 20, 2018

The prosecutor's office now wants to obtain an arrest warrant for attempted deliberate arson, dangerous bodily injury and bodily harm. The suspects has not yet commented on accusations.

Date Of Update: 21 July 2018, 12:02

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