Mediterranean: Since the beginning of the year 1,500 boat refugees have drowned

The number of people trying to get across the Mediterranean to Europe is declining. But according to the UN, as many people drowned as never before.

Mediterranean: Since the beginning of the year 1,500 boat refugees have drowned

More than 1,500 refugees have drowned or disappeared in Mediterranean since beginning of year. This figure was announced by International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Geneva. Thus, 1,111 people died on central Mediterranean route to Italy and Malta; On way to Spain re were 304, in waters off Greece and Cyprus 89. In terms of sharp decline in arrivals, 2018 was one of deadliest years since beginning of records, according to UN organization.

A total of 55,000 people – half compared to previous year and slightly more than one fifth compared with 2016 – thus travelled illegally to Europe by sea since beginning of year. Of se, about 21,000 were registered in Spain, 18,130 in Italy and an estimated 240 in Malta. Greek ports recorded 15,530 migrants, Cyprus almost 110.

The central Mediterranean route remains by far deadliest Überfahrtsweg: 605 drowned at 10,000 rescued. In contrast, western route to Spain recorded 145 deaths on 10,000; In eastern Mediterranean, quota is 57 deaths.

Refugees in Mediterranean-dying continues fewer people flee to EU, yet politicians are demanding more stringent measures at borders. Refugee workers warn of even more deaths. An overview in video © Photo: Aris MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Distress Rescue FAQ On situation on medium Sea

Europe has longbeen foreclosed: is Europe overrun by refugees from North Africa? No. Since autumn 2015, Europe has increasingly turned into a fortress, shows our graphics.

fewer deaths at sea mean more deaths in desert: what it means to make African countries bouncers of migration: Who is caught must go back. This is why people choose even more dangerous routes.

Why doesn't it stop dying? The Mediterranean remains a mass grave for migrants. Which routes for refugees are re, who provides help and why are re problems again and again?

fewer helpers mean more deaths: Private rescue ships in Mediterranean help smuggling gangs, claim EU politicians. However, an evaluation of position data shows that helpers adhere to rules.

at Europe's New frontier: To prevent refugees, Europe is shifting its borders and not afraid of dark business. The defensive zones extend to West Africa.

"Migrants are a business model for many Libyans": tortured and enslaved – migrants experience inhumanity in Libya. There are no rules to halt smugglers, says migration expert Leonard Doyle.

Date Of Update: 28 July 2018, 12:00

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