Meteorology: Weather Service warns of new storms

Flooded streets, full cellars, mud avalanches: in South and West Germany, there were again violent thunderstorms and severe storms. Only on Sunday should the situation relax.

Meteorology: Weather Service warns of new storms

In many parts of Germany it remains uncomfortable. After severe storms of past few days, meteorologists also expect some heavy thunderstorms this Friday in west and north. According to a spokesman for German Wear Service (DWD), a new storm front from Rhineland-Palatinate has been moving towards North Rhine-Westphalia since morning.

In sourn Germany, too, re could be new wear turbulence, which could extend to weekend. "Only in night to Saturday partly fierce showers and thunderstorms of day sound hesitant," said DWD. Time and again it is necessary to reckon with heavy rain and hail "in Storm area".

In night of Friday re were severe storms, especially in south and west of Germany – as already in days before. In Saarland and in Rhineland-Palatinate, a violent thunderstorm put roads and cellars under water. "The situation is dramatic," said a police spokeswoman in Saarbrücken. Thus, mainly St. Ingbert, Blieskastel, Kleinblittersdorf and Saarbrücken district of Bübingen are affected. "We have floating cars and underwashed roads."

It was also wet at start of music festival Rock am Ring in Rhineland-Palatinate. Large puddles were created on campsite, tents were devastated. During festival in Eifel, bad wear had already made problems in past years. There were also wounded. In Morbach in Hunsrück, lightning struck a chapel. The top of tower caught fire.

The Deutsche Bahn warned of restrictions on train traffic in all regions affected by storm. On line between Gerolstein and Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate Eifel, a regional train at exit from Wilsecker tunnel drove into a mud wall and derailed. Passengers did not travel, driver remained unharmed.

There were also severe storms across Baden-Württemberg. The north of State was particularly affected. In Mannheim area, in Heidelberg and in Rhine-Neckar district, re were flooded cellars and streets. Stuttgart was also affected. Occasionally, trees fell. Rain water cellars and streets flooded around Karlsruhe. There were more than 200 calls in police emergency call in Mannheim alone.

In Upper Franconia in Bavaria, several mud avalanches were dissolved and slipped on roads after police data. "It is only safe: The damage is immense, its elimination will probably take weeks and months in part," said a spokeswoman of council office Wunsiedel in Fichtelgebirge.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2018, 12:02

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