MeTwo: Just Listen!

When people with a migrant background report discrimination, this is not a denigration of Germany as a racist country – it is an offer of talks.

MeTwo: Just Listen!

For several days, inspired by activist Ali can, people with immigrant backgrounds, peoples of colour, foreigners, migrants, children, Newgermans, or whatever you want to call yourself, under hashtag MeTwo on Twitter examples exclusion or discrimination. There are hundreds, in meantime probably thousands, who have taken up and continue to participate. A selection can be read at Süddeutsche Zeitung, on mirrors online or

I think it's good that you tell your stories re. Not as an act of self-assurance that y are "victims". But because it is not self-evident to open in this way. Whoever says that he or she has been injured, first of all reveals his own vulnerability. Doing that to get a conversation going is generous.

No victim competition

MeTwo is refore also a message to character, not an indictment. Scrolling through unending stream of tweets creates a sound that says, hey, this thing here, it hurt me, it hurt me! The sound does not say: All "Biogermans", all "potatoes" are Nazis, and Germany is a single racist shithole.

MeTwo documents experiences of discrimination that take your breath away. If a dark-skinned paramedic has to hear that he doesn't want to be touched by him. When women with Asian roots are asked if ir mor comes from catalog. Just for example.

People of Colour

The addition "of colour" means no skin color in biological sense, but is a collective term for and for people with Rassismuserfahrung due to ir supposed skin color. It comes from Anglo-American region; In German-speaking area, he is literally taking over some of missing translations. It is used primarily in science and among politically active people. The abbreviation POC, pronounced [PI:-Əʊ-si:] is also common.


Just like "of colour", "white" does not describe measurable skin pigmentation, but a social affiliation. It is meant to be a person who, because of his appearance in everyday life, does not Rassismuserfahrungen. Those who count as "white" are not strictly defined, but contextually dependent. To avoid misunderstandings, some people write "white" in italics or large. This should make it clear that this is not a mere description of outward appearances.

Stop racism-TÜV!

At same time, range of described is enormous. Some people feel it is over-gripping when asked for ir name or appearance three times a day, where y are "coming from". Ors do not take this seriously and suspect only interest and curiosity behind question. Not all of m have to feel same. MeTwo is not a victim contest. Pain and injury are subjective.

In end, it even makes up a portion of value of MeTwo that so many very different stories stand next to each or. It is a rare, precious insight, a public trial hole. Therefore, nothing annoys any more than those not affected who, as a kind of self-proclaimed racism-TÜV, bow over stories in order to sort m out, which y find horrible and which do not. Just listen, don't always talk!

MeTwo is a small spontaneous action, it should not be overburdened with absurd expectations. But it's good that y exist.

Date Of Update: 28 July 2018, 12:00

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