Michelle Obama will address the Democracy Summit June 13th in LA

Michelle Obama will give the keynote address at the democracy summit sponsored and hosted by the nonpartisan national voting group she helped to create. The announcement was made Wednesday.

Michelle Obama will address the Democracy Summit June 13th in LA

According to organizers, the former first lady will make her remarks June 13 at When We All Vote’s inaugural Culture of Democracy Summit. This will be her first appearance in person before a large audience since when the COVID-19 pandemic began. When We All Vote was her last appearance in person in 2018, just before the midterm elections.

Michelle Obama stated in a tweet that she was announcing her speech, "We need to discuss the state of democracy and the ways it can be protected right from our own community."

The organizers stated that discussions during the summit from June 10-13 will focus on protecting democracy, fighting voter suppression, and ensuring equal access at the ballot box for this fall’s midterm elections, and any other political contests beyond.

The 1,500 participants include artists, academics, activists, grassroots organizers, technology, civic, and corporate leaders.

Stephanie Young, executive director at When We We All Vote, stated that democracy is more than a box you check every four years. "Voting should be embedded in every aspect of our culture."

President Joe Biden invited world leaders to his Summit for Democracy last January to renew his commitment to democracy around the world, even though the United States is still struggling to live up to the democratic ideals set forth by its founders.

Donald Trump, his former president, and his associates continue to spread lies about how the 2020 election was stolen. To justify new voting restrictions, Republican-led states used his false election fraud claims. Several states have election administration positions open to supporters of the Republican former President who claim that Biden is a Democrat legitimately elected .

In 2018, Mrs. Obama leveraged the enormous influence she had as first lady to launch When We All Vote, which helped register eligible voters in the United States.

She published her memoir "Becoming" in the fall and began a book tour around the world that brought thousands to her appearances.

Her last public appearance was with Oprah Winfrey in New York in February 2020. It was part of a wellness tour hosted by the former TV talk-show host.

Mrs. Obama remained isolated during the pandemic, and has kept a low profile, aside from the book tour, since her departure from the White House. This week, she appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.

Former first lady is the leader of When We All Vote With , an all-star group that includes actors Tom Hanks and Kerry Washington, Tracee Ellis Ross and Lin-Manuel Miranda (creator of Hamilton), television producer Shonda Rhimes and Janelle Monae and Jennifer Lopez. Megan Rapinoe and Chris Paul, professional athletes Stephen Curry and Megan Rapinoe.


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