Michigan GOP candidate is under fire for using rape analogy and telling his daughters to "lie back, and enjoy it."

Robert Regan ran for a seat in the state House. He compared it to his daughters doing what he would do if he sexually assaulted them.

Michigan GOP candidate is under fire for using rape analogy and telling his daughters to "lie back, and enjoy it."

After making an analogy about 2020's presidential election, in which rape was involved and his daughters being his wives, a Republican candidate for Michigan's House of Representatives seat is being condemned.

Robert Regan is a favorite to win Michigan’s District 74 seat. He made the comment on a livestreamed panel Sunday to respond to a statement that it was too late to reverse the 2020 presidential election results.

"That's almost like having three children. Regan stated that if rape seems inevitable, I would tell my daughters to lie back and have fun with it. "This is not how we roll. That's how we lost this election."

As of Wednesday, the Rescue Michigan Coalition's video of the panel was still available on their Facebook page.

He continued to draw parallels between his victory in the Republican primary election and the biblical story of David and Goliath. He also noted that his opponents received more financial support.

Amber Harris, a Republican activist, and fellow panelist, told Regan during stream that his analogy had been a "shameful observation."

Harris stated, "Advice your daughters: Don’t do that." "Fight every day."

Regan did not return a Wednesday call from NBC News for comment.

Michigan Freedom Fund, an independent conservative organization, issued a statement calling Regan’s comments "despicable and disqualifying." "

"I am the mother of four little girls. Tori Sachs, Executive Director of Michigan Freedom Fund, said that every day she teaches them to be independent, to value themselves and to resist creeps like Regan. "RJ Regan isn't right anywhere near the state Capitol, and that is why he was endorsed and supported by us."

Ron Weiser, Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, and Rob VerHeulen, Chairman of Kent GOP, addressed "comments" made in by Regan. They were part of a joint statement on Tuesday,. However they did not provide specific remarks.

Weiser stated that "Mr. Regan has a history of making foolish, egregious, and offensive comments including his most recent one" "We are better as a party than this and I expect better from our candidates."

Laurie Pohutsky (Democrat, District 19) is the chair of Michigan Progressive Women's Caucus and condemned Regan's comments on Twitter Monday.

Pohutsky stated, "Having been in a position where rape seemed inevitable, I can assure this man that it is not enjoyable." "This man is disgusting, and I hope HD 74 doesn’t send him to Lansing." Although I wouldn't usually say this about people I might end up working with but he is truly horrible."

MLive, Monday Regan stated that he didn't want to associate a "stolen electoral" with rape but that his point was more about fighting back because "nobody likes being taken advantage of."

"I'm getting pushback because I'm not the only one who believes we should decertify the 2020 elections. Regan stated that everyone on the panel agreed it was inevitable. Let it go, it's dead. We need to focus on 2022 moving ahead. "And I'm like: "No, it's never inevitable. It's not something you would tell your daughter. Instead, you'd say it to her and let her enjoy it.

Donald Trump falsely claimed that his loss to President Joe Biden was due to voter fraud, despite not having any evidence. , a Trump appointee and former Attorney General William Barr, stated to The Associated Press, December 2020, that there was no evidence that widespread fraud had been proven by the Justice Department.

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