Migration: At least 46 boat refugees drowned off Yemen's coast

In a panic of passengers, a boat with at least 100 people is off the coast of Yemen capsized. Life jackets didn't exist. Several people are missing.

Migration: At least 46 boat refugees drowned off Yemen's coast

Front Yemeni coast in Gulf of Aden, at least 46 afrikanischeFlüchtlinge drowned. Among dead are 37 men and nine women. 16 people are missing, as International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reported. The boat was capsized at high swell.

Human smugglers had occupied boat, which took place on Tuesday in Bosaso in Somalia, according to IOM data with at least 100 people. On board SeienÄthiopier, who, in search of work, might have wanted to move via Yemen into Gulf states. Survivors said on board panic erupted during high waves near Derjemenitischen coast. There were no life jackets for people aboard.

According to IOM, misfortune in Gulf of Aden occurred on Wednesday morning. Employees of UN organization had rushed to help survivors. About 7,000 people are risking crossing from Somalia to Yemen monthly, in past year re were 100,000 people according to UN figures.

Date Of Update: 07 June 2018, 12:02

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