Migration: For the first time more migrants reach the EU via Spain

More and more migrants are entering Europe via the Western Mediterranean route. The number has increased in particular in recent weeks. One reason is Italy's government.

Migration: For the first time more migrants reach the EU via Spain

In Spain, for first time, more refugees have arrived this year than in Italy. This was shared by International Organization for Migration (IOM). Until 15 July, Spain registered 18,016 refugees who had arrived on coasts. In Italy, it had been 17,827 before n. Overall, number of people who reached Europe over Mediterranean was halved compared to same period last year.

According to IOM, a large number of migrants arrived in Spain, particularly in last seven weeks: Well half of 18,016 refugees arrived at Spain's coasts during this period. Most of m, according to data, came from Morocco, Guinea and Mali. About 3,000 people had illegally crossed borders of Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla in norrn Morocco since beginning of 2018.

The fact that more and more people are going ashore in Spain was already forecast by head of European border control Agency, Fabrice Leggeri, at beginning of July. He warned of emergence of a new main route for migrants. It leads from Morocco over western Mediterranean to Spain, said Leggeri.

IOM spokesman Joel Millman said in presentation of figures that far fewer people died on new route to Spain this year than on route from Libya to Italy. Since January this year 1,443 people have died in Mediterranean Sea or have been missing since crossing.

Distress Rescue FAQ on situation in Mediterranean

Europe has longbeen foreclosed: is Europe overrun by refugees from North Africa? No. Since autumn 2015, Europe has increasingly turned into a fortress, shows our graphics.

fewer deaths at sea mean more deaths in desert: what it means to make African countries bouncers of migration: Who is caught must go back. This is why people choose even more dangerous routes.

Why doesn't it stop dying? The Mediterranean remains a mass grave for migrants. Which routes for refugees are re, who provides help and why are re problems again and again?

fewer helpers mean more deaths: Private rescue ships in Mediterranean help smuggling gangs, claim EU politicians. However, an evaluation of position data shows that helpers adhere to rules.

at Europe's New frontier: To prevent refugees, Europe is shifting its borders and not afraid of dark business. The defensive zones extend to West Africa.

"Migrants are a business model for many Libyans": tortured and enslaved – migrants experience inhumanity in Libya. There are no rules to halt smugglers, says migration expert Leonard Doyle.

So far, vast majority of people who came across Mediterranean have arrived in Italy. Spain was only in third place behind Greece. But re have been changes in government in both Spain and Italy, coupled with a change in migration policy.

The number of incoming refugees in Italy sank after government in Rome closed an agreement with Libyan coast Guard last July. In addition, new Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini from right-wing Lega party in June decided to discontinue NGO ships and also state ships with refugees on board. Its aim is that in Italy no more migrants will arrive in future. At same time, he called on EU partner countries to include some of migrants.

Spain, which has been a new government under socialist Pedro Sánchez since beginning of June, has opened its ports for ships rejected in Italy in several cases.

Date Of Update: 18 July 2018, 12:02

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