Munich: The CSU protest against the protest

A demonstration against CSU refugee policy has begun in Munich. The party had billboarded against the event.

Munich: The CSU protest against the protest
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    One party is demonstrating against a demonstration. A process that is not necessarily usual, but in CSU, nerves seem to be bare at moment. The City Council group had attempted to prevent event ausgehetzt in Munich; On night of Saturday to Sunday, CSU had to put up numerous posters in city of Munich, which says: "Yes to political decency" – "No to ausgehetzt" – "Bavaria cannot be incited".

    Meanwhile, demonstration started at Munich Goe Place and will lead across city centre. In several rallies, organizers want to address issues such as asylum, migration, housing, work, social policy, equality or recently intensified and fiercely controversial Bavarian Police task Law (PAG). A total of 130 organisations and two well-known Munich atres had called for "a sign against massive right-back in society" and to act toger against "a policy of fear".

    The CSU feels attacked by event, m mayvarywith Evolvement explicitly directed against party's refugee policy. On poster are prominently heads of federal Interior Minister and party chief Horst Seehofer, Prime Minister Markus Söder and provincial group chief in Bundestag Alexander Dobrindt to see.

    In München, @CSU is just letting such embarrassing posters hang against ausgehetzt demo (including here at DGB House). No, it's not a fake. I made photo myself.

    — Robert Andreasch (@robertandreasch) July 21, 2018

    The CSU had tried in advance to prevent demonstration. There was a public power struggle between party and two directors of Munich Chamber Games and Folk atre, Matthias Lilienthal and Christian Begotten. The Bundestag group chairman of CSU in town hall, Manuel Pretzl, had requested that Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) should prohibit appeal for demonstrations and initiate service supervision measures against those responsible. Lilienthal was one of first signatories of call. When STÜCKLS contract was extended last Wednesday, second mayor Josef Schmid (CSU) remained demonstratively distant from signing and justified this with imperative of neutrality. Lilienthal had not been called as private persons, but as atre chiefs to demo, Schmid said. Public institutions such as urban stages were "reasonably encouraged to behave politically neutrally".

    Piecel told Bavarian radio that demonstration was not an event against a political party, but a "against brutalization of language and against baiting". He doesn't think he must be politically neutral. But if it should be, "n you have to reprimand me. Still, I stand behind it. "

    Matthias Lilienthal told Süddeutsche Zeitung, "but I want a culture of political debate." Manuel Pretzl of CSU could "try to kick Me out for second time". Lilienthal played a decision by CSU to vote against an extension of his engagement after 2020. A majority in Munich city Council would hardly be possible. As a result, Lilienthal had announced that it would not extend its contract. While CSU justified its decision with economic viability – utilization of Munich traditional atre had fallen below Lilienthal to 63 percent – many observers see its political stance as a cocause. In autumn of 2015, Berlin Theatre man, with his art action Shabbyshabby apartments, had to set up temporary huts at central locations in Munich city centre for four weeks in order to point out high rental prices. In past he always expressed himself very critical of CSU.

    Date Of Update: 23 July 2018, 12:02

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