Murder: Ali B. To be heard at night

The suspect in the murder of Susanna F. is back in Germany. According to an Iraqi police chief, he testified that the 14-year-old had been killed for fear.

Murder: Ali B. To be heard at night

The suspect in murder of Susanna F., according to federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), arrived in Frankfurt am Main. "I am glad that suspected offender, who is wanted by German judiciary, is back in Germany," explained Seehofer in Berlin. In this way, investigation process could be accelerated quickly. The suspect should be heard immediately after his return.

According to information from German press Agency, first survey by Ali B. is still planned for night of Sunday. The police presidium of West Hesse, headquartered in Wiesbaden, is refore responsible for interrogation. On Sunday, 20-year-old is n brought to a judge, who opens arrest warrant.

B. According to Kurdish investigators, killing of 14-year-old girl from Mainz was still in Iraq. So he testified that during a trip in forest with Susanna F. Drank alcohol and had taken drugs, said chief of police Dernordirakischen City Dohuk, Tarek Ahmed, in an interview with Reuters TV. There had been a dispute, which is why F. wanted to call police. The suspect had known "that re would be eineschwerwiegende accusation because she is under 18," Ahmed continued. When she insisted on calling police, B. Killed her.

B. Had travelled to norrn Iraqi Dohuk, where he stayed in a hotel. "When he klarwurde that police searching after him, he is after Sachoabgereist to Unterzuschlupfen with relatives," said Ahmed. There he was detained by Kurdish security forces. "In this case we are working closely with Germany, European countries and Interpol," said Ahmed.

Merkel calls for rigorous punishment of murder

German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed Festnahmedes suspects and its repatriation to Germany. " The incredible suffering that widerfahrenists family and victim, moves everyone and also captures me, "she said on Fringe DesG7 Summit in Canada. She spoke of a "heinous murder" and pleaded for a entschiedeneAhndung of such crimes. If deed is proven, DieJustiz must "speak with all clarity".

Merkel considered case as an invitation to take integration seriously and to stand up for common values. "We can only live toger if we adhere to gemeinsaman our laws," she said. The Chancellor also praised GuteZusammenarbeit with Kurdish security authorities.

Susanna F. Had not come home on May 22nd. Her body was found on June 6th. She was raped and n killed. Their case has attracted attention nationwide, especially because it managed to leave country and it was already in Iraq when police suspected it.

The family had booked airline tickets under false names. Because y were able to present valid identity documents in control of Federal police, and officials did not compensate airline tickets, family was able to leave.

The family had so-called laissez-passer papers in Arabic language, which were issued by Iraqi embassy. Embassies may provide such replacement papers if passport has been lost or is no longer valid.

Date Of Update: 10 June 2018, 12:02

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