Muslims in Germany: Ministry of Interior wants to reform Islam conference

The composition of the Islam Conference, which was launched twelve years ago, will depend on issues in the future. Many liberal Muslims did not feel represented.

Muslims in Germany: Ministry of Interior wants to reform Islam conference

The Federal ministry wants to renew Islam conference that was launched twelve years ago. In future re will probably be no more permanent memberships in forum, announced a ministry spokeswoman. Rar, composition should depend on subject.

"We need to place much more strongly than before multitude of Muslim citizens who have not yet been organised in Germany into centre of our Islam conference," said internal secretary of state Markus Kerber of picture. After summer break, individuals should also be admitted to conference again.

The Islam conference was convened in 2006 by n Interior Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) in order to intensify relations between German state and Muslims living in Germany.

Liberal Muslims do not feel represented

In past, re had been criticism of format over and over again. At end, only representatives of Muslim associations such as national Görüş and DITIB were invited. These are, however, conservatively shaped. Individuals or lesser-known associations representing liberal Muslims felt deceived. In March, secular migrant associations declared Islam conference to have failed even if it were not reformed.

The federal government's integration commissioner, Annette Widmann-Mauz (CDU), said: "It is important that young Muslims and women also receive a voice in German Islam conference." The representation of all Muslims in Germany must be guaranteed.

The SPD also welcomed project: "After more than ten years, it is right to think about structure and content of Islam conference," said vice-Chairman of SPD Bundestag group, Eva Högl, Cologne City scoreboard. "The goal must be to conduct a future-oriented debate on role of Islam with German Muslims."

Date Of Update: 14 July 2018, 12:02

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