Neo-Nazis: Several investigation proceedings for Hitler's greeting in Chemnitz

Photos and video show: At the demonstration in Chemnitz, many neo-Nazis showed the forbidden Hitler salute. The police are investigating in at least ten cases.

Neo-Nazis: Several investigation proceedings for Hitler's greeting in Chemnitz

The police are against neo-Nazis who showed forbidden Hitler salute on a right-hand demonstration in Chemnitz. Ten investigative procedures had been initiated so far, Saxon police tweeted. Of several demonstrators, personalities were still found on ground.

On Monday evening, 6,000 right-handed demonstrators were on road in Chemnitz, from police's operational record. Also 1,000 against demonstrators were thus in city. There were clashes between two groups, including fireworks and bottles. According to figures, 18 demonstrators and two policemen were injured.

A police spokesman acknowledged that police did not expect this number of demonstrators. 1,000 persons were registered for right demo and 500 for counter-demonstration. But we did not expect immense mobilization on Internet. "Chaotic and extreme right-wing extremists from Berlin, Brandenburg, Thuringia, Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia", said Saxony's interior minister Roland Wöller in afternoon. At same time, he said that police measures would be "considerably expanded" in coming days.

Chemnitz-» Something that has no place in rule of law «Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned right riots in Chemnitz. The support of Saxon police by federal police keeps Merkel possible. © Photo: Tobias Schwarz/AFP/Getty Images 591 policemen were in action

The operational balance shows that 7,000 demonstrators were facing only 591 police forces on Monday evening. It was said by police that a larger number of participants had already been assumed in operational planning. Previously, Chemnitz Police president Sonja Penzel had assured that "sufficient forces were required" and that y were "well prepared" for operational situation.

Already on Sunday re were riots in Chemnitz, after a 35-year-old German was killed in a municipal festival. Two young men from Syria and Iraq have been in custody since Monday.

Date Of Update: 29 August 2018, 12:00

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