Nigeria: At least 31 deaths in self bombings

In the case of attacks at the end of Ramadan, many people were killed in Nigeria. At least 20,000 people have died in the conflict.

Nigeria: At least 31 deaths in self bombings

At same bombings in norastern Nigeria, at least 31 people have been killed. Two suicide bombers blew mselves up in city of Damboa on Saturday night, with local authorities. Several people were injured. In addition, re have been explosions stemming from bazookas. The people had celebrated end of Ramadan when y were captured by explosions, reported chief of Police of state Borno, Damian Chukwu.

In norrn Nigeria, Islamists group Boko Haram is active. The militia has been violently fighting for establishment of an Islamic God state in majority Muslim norast of Nigeria for about ten years. At least 20,000 people have been killed in conflict. Two million people were expelled. In neighbouring countries, too, Boko is committing attacks and raids again and again. In several cases, militia abducted hundreds of girls.

Only in May 60 people were killed in an attack on a mosque in Nigerian city of Mubi.

Date Of Update: 18 June 2018, 12:02

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