North Rhine-Westphalia: Staff teachers earn up to 275,000 euros less

A study shows how big the differences in salaries are in the teacher's room. This is also due to the fact that employees pay other than civil servants for their old-age provision.

North Rhine-Westphalia: Staff teachers earn up to 275,000 euros less

Employed teachers in North Rhine-Westphalia earn up to 275,000 euros less in ir overall career than ir colleagues. This is result of a study carried out on behalf of protection community of employed teachers (sound NRW).

The main cause of differences is heavy burden on employees for pensions and or areas of social security. In view of se results, protection community sound speaks of a "two-classroom society in teacher's room" and demands compensation for employees. These would have to earn about 1,000 euros gross more.

Income disparities led to dissatisfaction in profession. And, ultimately, fact that apprentices graduates have opted for or, more lucrative professions after training.

Officials ' regulations vary according to federal State

In NRW, 160,000 is employed by official teachers and 40,000 employees. The University of Bayreuth has based study on three family scenarios, single without children, married without children and married to two children. The results refer to se three scenarios and also to assumption that decision is taken for or against an official at 42 years. However, often this happens earlier, differences may be even greater.

Official regulations vary according to federal state. Berlin does not even appoint teachers or teachers anymore, Saxony does not at moment, plans to beam up teachers and teachers from 2019, but again. Salaries are also different in each federal state, NRW pays above average for its teachers.

Date Of Update: 26 June 2018, 12:02

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