NSU process: The self-Defense of Lawyers

The duty defenders of Beate Zschäpe demand acquittal in almost all points. You want to save in the NSU process, what your client has broken herself.

NSU process: The self-Defense of Lawyers
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    If it were for Wolfgang Heer, Beate Zschäpe would now be a free woman. She would leave Stadelheim prison, after six years in custody as main defendant in NSU trial. For ir army of defenders, Zschäpe is largely innocent in sense of indictment.

    "Beate Zschäpe is not a terrorist, not a murderer, not an assassin," says Heer. This is beginning of last plea in Munich NSU process, held by Army, Anja Sturm and Wolfgang Stahl – duty defenders who have been Zschäpes in beginning of process. Zschäpe had rowing with m long ago. At least until Thursday plea should last.

    Punishment only for arson?

    The army contradicts federal prosecutor's office, which had demanded a life-long imprisonment with particular severity of guilt and safekeeping for Zschäpe. She was acquitted of all crimes committed by NSU – that is, complicity in ten murders, two bombings and 15 robberies, as well as membership of a terrorist group. It should also be released immediately.

    It is already second plea for Zschäpe. The first of se had been held by ir new lawyers Hermann Borchert and Mathias Grasel, who client is only defender still familiar with. Army, steel and Storm had Zschäpe want to get rid of.

    At same time, three offer demands of ir colleagues clearly: Army requests that Zschäpe be condemned exclusively for simple arson. Prior to her escape on November 4, 2011, Zschäpe had lit apartment in Zwickau, inhabited with her accomplices Uwe Mundos and Uwe Böhnhardt, to destroy evidence. Because in house on day two craftsmen worked and an old woman was at home, deed is accused as a particularly heavy arson and attempted murder. None of defenders want this rating to be valid.

    Lawyer holds proceedings for unfair

    The two redefendors had requested a maximum penalty of ten years for aiding robberies and arson. Army does not call a specific demand, but it is certain that a prison sentence for this has long been compensated with six years in investigation prison. What is more, Zschäpe is even entitled to a "compensation" – because of a "multitude of fairness violations" in proceedings.

    Date Of Update: 06 June 2018, 12:02

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