NYT's suggestion that the American flag is divisive was slammed by Sen. Cotton

Sen. Cotton suggests that we should teach our children to 'to be proud of, and celebrate America's tradition'.

NYT's suggestion that the American flag is divisive was slammed by Sen. Cotton

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) slammed The New York Times Monday on Fox & Friends for calling the American flag a "divisive emblem," and adding that Americans should be proud of their heritage and founding principles.

SEN. TOM COTTON. You saw The New York Times run a lengthy story over the weekend about how the flag is now a divisive symbol in America. We should be proud about our history and our founding principles. This weekend marks two hundred forty-five years since our founding fathers declared independence. They did not do so because of local grievances about taxes or the quartering soldiers. Instead, they wanted to create a new republic that would be dedicated to the idea that all men are equal, as Abraham Lincoln stated at the Gettysburg Address.

We haven't always been able to achieve that practice but our history is one of constantly striving to realize those ideals. In his 'I Have a Dream" speech, Dr. Martin Luther King explicitly and repeatedly invoked that declaration. He stated that America is the - and that our work is the realization of America's founding principles. It is important that we teach our children to celebrate America's traditions, in schools, on television, and in comic books. __S.10__

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