Palin: It would all be about Alaska,

Sarah Palinisn’t fond of sharing the spotlight.

Palin: It would all be about Alaska,

The former governor of Alaska has been on numerous reality TV programs and books since her debut in the national political arena 14 years ago. She also worked as a Fox News contributor, a member of a political action committee, and was rumored to be a White House contender. Recent events have seen her reclaim her status as a conservative star with an unsuccessful lawsuit against The New York Times.

The first Republican female vice-presidential nominee is now vying to be a member of Congress.

Palin is one of 48 candidates for Alaska's single House seat. This comes after the death of Republican Rep. Don Young, who was in the same position for 49 years. If Palin is successful, she would be one 435 members of the chamber. This chamber has ambitions that are deep, but legislating can be difficult, due in no small part to the populist politics in the aftermath the 2008 election.

It would be easy for Palin's candidacy to be dismissed as the latest twist in an unusual career. Her critics see her as a pragmatist looking to boost her brand. There are many letters to the editor in the opinion section of Alaska's largest newspaper, urging Alaskans not to vote for her. Some remind readers that she quit the last major political job she held, as Alaska's governor with only 16 months remaining in her term.

Palin, 58 years old, rejected such criticisms in a recent interview with The Associated Press. She insists her commitment to Alaska is unwavering and anyone who suggests otherwise "don’t know me."

She said that her unique position in American politics would make her a better candidate for Washington. She said that unlike other freshmen legislators, she could pick up the phone and contact any reporter to be on any show, and it would all be about Alaska.

She said, "I love working, and everyone who is around me knows that." "What I am doing is applying for jobs for Alaskans and saying, 'Hey, you guys will be my boss. Are you interested in hiring me? You should, because if you do, you'll do a great job for me and I won’t back down."

Only one ex-governor is currently a member in the House: Democrat Charlie Cristof Florida. Palin will have to overcome many obstacles in order to reach this goal.

One is to navigate elections that will unfold quickly. The first statewide by mail election will take place on June 11. The four most votes-suffering candidates will move on to an August 16 special election in which ranked choice voting will be used. The winner will be elected to the remainder of Young’s term which ends in January.

Also, there will be an August primary election and a November general election to decide who will serve a 2-year term that begins in January. Palin is one 16-candidate field so far for the regular primaries.

Some voters are questioning Palin's decision not to resign as governor. Palin blames an avalanche of ethics complaints and records requests that she claimed were unnecessary and became distractions for her decision.

Although she has lived in other states, she still resides in Wasilla where her family is from and where her political career began.

She said, "Well, I'm sorry that that narrative is out there since it's inaccurate." She was referring to the belief she had left Alaska. She claimed Alaska was her home, and that she was "shoving moose poop in her father’s yard on a recent sunny afternoon before calling a reporter.

According to the Division of Elections, she has voted regularly in state elections ever since her departure from office.

Palin stated that "I'm still all for Carhartts, steel-toed boot and just hard work" when referring to a popular brand name of outerwear. "I have been blessed with opportunities, a platform to go out and tell other people about the beauty of Alaskan life."

She also mentions Alaskans' hunting habits and the importance to responsibly develop the state's oil-and gas resources. She stated that she will attend the state Republican Party convention this week.

The outcome of the contest in Republican-leaning Alaska won't change Washington's power balance. The election will be closely monitored to gauge former President Donald Trump’sconnection with the GOP's most loyal voter.

The few signs visible so far in this election year are the Trump 2020 and Trump 2024 banners that fly from Wasilla's homes. Palin stated that if Trump ran for president in 2024, and asked her to be his running-mate, she would consider it. However, she claimed that he could choose any person and they haven’t had an open conversation.

Palin stated that Trump was one of the people who reached out to her following Young's passing, asking if she would run. She stated that this is the right time in her life to run for office again, both politically and personally. With her four older children gone, she said that her family has changed. Trig, her youngest child, is now in middle school. In 2020, Palin divorced Todd Palin, her husband for more than 30years.

Palin stated that she feels she has "nothing left to lose" by running for office. After being subject to the media's scrutiny for so many years, Palin said that she was tired of hearing about her personal and political lives. Later, she added: "To me it's freedom."

Trump has supported Palin and made the state's top senator, Lisa Murkowski one of his top targets for this year. This is after she criticised him and voted in his favor during his second impeachment case.

Even if Palin does not win, she could be seen as a strong-wattage critic for Murkowski, who will face voters later in the year. Palin stated that she disagrees with Murkowski about some of her positions. This includes her vote to convict Trump in his second impeachment trial. Palin stated that she believes they would be on the same page regarding issues such as resource development in Alaska.

Palin is perhaps the most prominent candidate from a list that includes former state legislators, North Pole city council members whose legal names are Santa Claus and Republican Nick Begich. Begich entered the race last autumn and has worked for months to gain conservative support.

Begich stated that he regards the Matanuska–Susitna area, which is a conservative hotbed and includes Wasilla as one of his strongest regions. He claimed that he doesn't know of any defectors since Palin joined.

He said, "Everyone who has supported me remains fully supportive,"

Tim Burney, a Wasilla resident, stated that he supports Palin. After her enemies "came at" her with guns ablazing, he said that she had resigned for the "good of the state."

After finishing his lunch, he said, "She just lives down the street here, and, as you know, she grew-up here."

He said, "Her heart is here in Alaska, I think she's good and helpful for Alaska."

Joe Miller, an ex-Republican and now Libertarian who Palin supported in two of his failed Senate races, stated that Palin would not be an ordinary freshman in the House and would have an "extraordinary platform" she could use for Alaska. He claimed that Palin is the only anti-establishment and truly conservative candidate in the race, and that she could be the "natural repositorie" of voter anger over economic issues.

Holly Houghton is a pharmacist tech and would be willing to listen to Palin. Houghton was enjoying a meal at a Wasilla restaurant while her son ate take-out. She said that she had mixed feelings about Palin, and is considering Begich.

Houghton stated that she didn't like Palin's personal style, but she also considered her an "excellent" governor.

Houghton stated that she views the Begich family members as Democrats and would like to spend more time with Begich. Begich's grandfather Nick Begich (Democrat) held the House seat prior to Young. His uncle Mark was a Democratic U.S senator, and his uncle Tom the Democratic leader of the state Senate.

Jesse Sumner, a Matanuska–Susitna Borough Council member, stated that he believes Begich is a great candidate. Sumner filed to run in the House seat on April Fool's Day as a joke. Later, he withdrew.

He stated that he doesn’t see Palin in town often and that Palin’s run seems "more about the Sarah Palin show rather than Alaska."


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