Pelosi defends impeachment Accountable for Biden's call for unity:'We Have to Take Action"

House will send within the post of impeachment"shortly" into the Senate

Pelosi defends impeachment Accountable for Biden's call for unity:'We Have to Take Action"

Pelosi said the House of Representatives will likely be sending over the post of impeachment against former President Trump"shortly" since he has to be held liable to the Jan. 6 riot in the Capitol which left five people dead. She is"not concerned" about impeachment sowing more branch, she explained.

"I really don't think that it's very unifying to sayoh, let's forget it and proceed. That is not the best way to combine."

During his inaugural speech, Biden spoke about bringing the nation together and also for people on other areas of the aisle to listen to and give each other a opportunity to proceed.

However, Pelosi spoke of this injury that staff and members endured on Jan. 6 when a mob stormed the Capitol in an effort to prevent Congress from certifying Biden's electoral success. Over just the items and property which were stolen and ruined, she said construction employees are still managing the results of the assault.

"I am more worried about the harm they did to our employees, to our colleagues at the Congress, to the custodial employees from the Capitol of the USA," Pelosi said. "That's harm. That's harm that has to be addressed"

Pelosi said that the House has a duty to preserve the ethics of Congress and failing to follow along with that obligation would be"detrimental to unity"

"That is our obligation to safeguard and defend the Constitution of the USA. Just because he is gone Thank God -- you do not state to a presidentDo anything you need in the very last months of your government, you are likely to find a get out of prison totally free since people think we ought to make nice and neglect that people died here on Jan. 6"

Pelosi did not provide specifics on if the House would ship within the post of impeachment to the Senate other than to imply it would be at the coming couple of days. House impeachment managers are preparing to get a trial. "We're prepared," Pelosi said.

Now the Senate goes back along with the Democrats have procured most in the top chamber, she explained the trial could come"soon."

"It'll be shortly, I really don't think it's going to be long," Pelosi said. "But we have to take action."

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