A criminal investigation was opened after the complaint filed at the end of March by a 22-year-old man who lost a testicle because, according to him, of an LBD shot during a demonstration in Rennes, several concordant sources said. Thursday, April 6.

“A criminal investigation has been opened following this complaint”, filed on March 28, Rennes public prosecutor Philippe Astruc said, adding that “the direction of the investigations will be specified following this medical examination. -legal,” scheduled for Friday.

The man, living in Laval and training as a welder, was still recovering at the Rennes University Hospital on Thursday. “I was hospitalized from March 23 to 26 and now I’ve been back in the hospital since April 2. I had a testicle removed, the doctors tried to save it on March 23, the day of my first operation, and it actually got infected behind it and had to be amputated,” he said. to Agence France-Presse, confirming information from the newspaper Ouest-France.

“Scenes of Chaos”

On Thursday March 23, the demonstration against the pension reform had given rise on the sidelines of the inter-union procession to numerous clashes between young radical activists and the police in the city center of the Breton capital.

“When I saw the CRS in front of me at 7/8 meters, I took a shot from LBD. I felt the pain straight away, and I tried to back up, I went 10 meters and I fell on the ‘street medics’ [street rescuers] and I collapsed on the ground, “described the protester .

That day, the socialist mayor of Rennes Nathalie Appéré had mentioned in a press release “scenes of chaos (which) follow one another”. “Physical attacks are increasing, the injured are more numerous every day,” added the elected official.

According to the Rennes prosecutor, the young man, “fully dressed in black”, explained “having only ‘shot tear gas’ and warmed up near a barricade fire after being sprayed by the water-thrower truck”.