Police officers killed in the North: Macron denounces "behaviours that kill"

Paul, Steven and Manon received the insignia of the Legion of Honor posthumously

Police officers killed in the North: Macron denounces "behaviours that kill"

Paul, Steven and Manon received the insignia of the Legion of Honor posthumously. These three young police officers, who worked at the Roubaix police station, were killed on Sunday in a road accident, while accompanying a woman victim of violence to be examined at the hospital. Emmanuel Macron went to the North this Thursday, May 25 to award them this medal and preside over a tribute ceremony at the Roubaix National Police School. He was accompanied by his wife Brigitte Macron and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin. Emmanuel Macron denounced the "behaviours that kill", recalling that the death of these three police officers had been caused by "an alcoholic driver and under the influence of narcotics", and affirming his "respect" and his "affection" to "those who serve and protect."

“Before the pain of their families, before the pain of their colleagues, before the mourning of the French, silence should suffice. But talking about them becomes necessary to pay homage to their destiny, to show respect and affection to those who serve and protect, and to denounce the irresponsible behavior that kills, "said the head of state in the courtyard of the national school. North City Police Department.

In addition, the President of the Republic wanted to extend his tribute to all State agents who were victims of violence, after having denounced the day before in the Council of Ministers a form of "decivilization". He notably cited the premeditated murder on Monday of a nurse at the Reims University Hospital by a man suffering from schizophrenia and paranoia.

During questions to the government on Wednesday in the Senate, Gérald Darmanin described as "murderer" the driver of the car who hit the police vehicle, himself died in the accident. “This accident took place during a rescue operation for victims, which illustrates the heart of the mission incumbent on them. An everyday mission where the police intervene to protect the French, "said the presidency on Wednesday.

"This assassin [...] - because you have to use the words that count - killed not only three destinies, but injured the entire national police", launched the minister. "Too many drivers, too many murderers are killing on the roads under the influence of narcotics and alcohol," he pointed out.

The facts date back to Sunday morning, when an Alfa Romeo traveling in the wrong direction hit the police car which transported, in addition to the three young police officers, a 16-year-old girl whom they were taking to see a doctor after violence which she had denounced in the night. The girl was seriously injured in the accident. The 24-year-old driver of the Alfa Romeo has died. His 23-year-old passenger was seriously injured.

Twelve members of the police have died in the past 15 years in multi-murderous accidents for the police, the last of which, which occurred on April 11 in the Landes, had cost the lives of two gendarmes who were trying to control a dangerously fast-moving vehicle.