Pompeo tweets countdown till 2024 presidential election

Possible GOP White House hopeful immediately grabs focus with social media entrance

Pompeo tweets countdown till 2024 presidential election

It seems that now-former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is wasting no time at stoking speculation regarding his probable national ambitions.

That happens to be the amount of times until the next presidential election, at November of 2024.

Pompeo, a former congressman from Kansas who served as CIA director under Trump before getting America's top diplomat, is regarded as among over a dozen possible 2024 GOP presidential hopefuls.

The then-secretary of country, that had been arguably Trump's most faithful cabinet member, faced criticism last season for giving speeches believed to be compared with political overtones, such as delivering a speech during August's Republican National Convention that he captured during a official diplomatic visit to Israel.

Over the last year and a halfPompeo also talked in The Villages, a must stop in Florida to get GOP politicians, in spiritual gatherings in Texas and Iowa, and last month he traveled to Georgia to reconcile Trump's attempts to fight threats from China.

Even though it's normal for secretaries of state to talk to national audiences, the speech in Atlanta arrived as the country's effort spotlight has been fixated on Georgia, as a result of nation's twin Senate runoff elections, in which management of the Senate was up for grabs.

Pompeo's brand new tweet immediately created buzz on Twitter. The tweet had been"enjoyed" over 20,000 days and retweeted over 4,300 days in the first half an hour after it went on the social networking platform.

Pompeo, who is tried to conceal his likely national ambitions, toot to Twitter multiple occasions throughout his final week as secretary of state to reconcile his accomplishments as secreatary of nation and also to develop his personal Twitter accounts.

"I won't ever quit fighting for America First, even after my period as Secretary of State," he tweeted Monday into the greater than 3 million followers in his official State Department Twitter account. "There's obviously more work to be done and I look forward to continuing to discuss and participate with you on what is next.

At Thursday morning, Pompeo had almost 922,000 followers in private Twitter accounts.

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