Population of Chemnitz: the indignation is lacking

Some people in Chemnitz show an understanding of the violent neo-Nazis. Others are concerned about the riots. But hardly anyone wants to get really upset.

Population of Chemnitz: the indignation is lacking

In front of Karl Marx head in Chemnitz, a sweeper sweeps away remains of Demozuges. It's less loose than usual, says a woman in passing. The people and cameras stand again a few hundred meters ahead of flowers and tomb candles. Here 35-year-old Daniel H. was killed, on sidewalk in front of an office building.

"It should be a moment of mourning, and it was instrumentalized by both sides," says Andreas M. He holds a white rose in his hand and waits in a corner for a moment when no camera is filming him as he lays it down. "The hunt for dark-skinned can not be," says his escort Sofia U., "but I can understand that population is upset. They're supposed to do something at last. "

Those are for people like Sofia politics and police. What, this is a tougher approach against criminal foreigners — so many people say in city center of Chemnitz. The feeling is wide, certain people could do what y wanted. The two suspects come from Syria and Iraq. However, background to this Act is still unknown.

The great indignation remains

In past few days Chemnitz has become a symbol: For images of thousands of neo-Nazis and hooligans from all over Germany, who chase people through streets and who are often superior to counter-demonstrators many times over. For an overtaxed police force, which later concedes a miscalculation of situation and a lack of staff. And for an unleashed rage on foreigners and supposed foreigners.

Outside of Chemnitz, many people are shocked by right violence. Even Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, in a government with right-wing populist FPOe, tweeted: "I am terrified of neo-Nazi riots in Chemnitz." Chancellor Angela Merkel said what he saw re "must have no place in a constitutional state." Video recordings showed baiting, rotting, hatred, Merkel said. CDU general Secretary Annegret Kramp-cart builder called Broad Center of society to oppose right-hand violence, "not only in Saxony, but everywhere in Germany."

Chemnitz-» Something that has no place in rule of law «Chancellor Angela Merkel has condemned right riots in Chemnitz. The support of Saxon police by federal police keeps Merkel possible. © Photo: Tobias Schwarz/AFP/Getty Images

On streets of city centre of Chemnitz, however, great indignation of this morning seems to be lacking. Instead, most of m wiegeln, some talk about right riots small. On corner of city Hall Park, where police had trouble separating demonstration trains, Sabrina S. Says: "This was not a right demo. They were people who wanted to let ir anger out. " And Hitler greetings? "You can't all shear over a comb," she says, demanding more security for city centre. She wouldn't go out alone after 10pm. Yesterday, a foreigner threatened her with pepper spray until she could make him realize she wasn't a Nazi. The young woman is dark blond, chemnitzer.

Hotel guests Cancel Room

Isa D. Has closed his Turkish snack in evening of demo. "Until yesterday, I haven't seen anything like this," he says. He was frightened when he saw at home on TV how 200 people were running on each or, just a few meters away from his snack. The police should not let people who travelled by train go in, he says. "The rightists want to make Chemnitz and Germany bad, meanwhile or countries are talking bad about Germany." His children in Karlsruhe would be afraid of him. The receptionist at a hotel told us that a guest was just calling to cancel his room because of riots.

In front of small memorial for Daniel H. is also Frank Heinrich interviews, CDU Bundestag member from Chemnitz. "We are speechless when people get carried away and join a mob," he says. At same time, he is not happy about what media is now writing about his city. "The citizens talk about no-go-areas, and 50 meters furr people sit in café," says Heinrich. "That was five minutes when firecrackers and bottles flew." He thinks police have had situation under control. It is as if all observers from different cities were talking.

They all Unite, however, feeling that ir problems are not heard and that it becomes more insensitive in city. "The Wutpotenzial is re, so we have to react," says CDU politician Frank Heinrich. There must be new conversation formats. On Thursday, Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer will come to city for such a format, to Saxony conversation. He wants to discuss with mayor of Chemnitz Barbara Ludwig of SPD. The conversation was long planned, now it is urgent. The grouping per Chemnitz has again called for a demonstration for same day. As city confirmed, a rally at stadium for 500 people was registered for Thursday.

Date Of Update: 29 August 2018, 12:00

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