Pray & cope with closings

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Pray & cope with closings

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Updated 37 minutes ago

The letter does not address the reason for the closings or what can be done. As with much in life, it is most likely about money, although a lack of priests is also a major factor.

Without sufficient money, daily operations cannot be paid for. People cannot be paid their wages. Facilities cannot receive even minor repairs and maintenance. These things have become extremely expensive in spite of government assurances there is little inflation.

I expect each decision by Bishop David Zubik to be based almost exclusively upon the practical considerations of money and personnel management. We all know the Catholic church is in decline in just about all aspects, especially attendance at Mass.

In a previous letter to the Tribune-Review, the bishop discussed the situation. I am sure the closings pain him more than anyone else.

The only way to resolve the financial problem is to increase participation in church activities. Perhaps that could be helped by abandoning the changes that occurred from Vatican II and returning to tradition.

Perhaps terminating all charitable expenses would be preferable to closing churches and schools, which are more essential.

As for the bishop's position on immigration, he is following Pope Francis.

In the meantime, there is no choice but to pray and cope with the situation.

George Wandell


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