Ralf Wohlleben: Protection of the Constitution warns held in the Scene

For members of the NSU victims, Ralf is probably a life-release 34; bitter 34;, Thuringia's constitutional protection is alarmed: one will keep an eye on the NSU supporter.

Ralf Wohlleben: Protection of the Constitution warns   held in the Scene

Thuringia's constitutional protection president Stephan Kramer fears a strong right-wing scene after NSU gun-procurer Ralf Wohlleben was released from prison. "He's a hero in scene. He was always silent. But we will have a special eye on him, "said Kramer to editorial network in Germany. To MDR Thuringia, Kramer said that dismissal of life would be counted as a success in corresponding Neonazigruppen.

In past, re have always been solidarity events in right-extremist circles, in which money was collected for Wohlleben and his family, broadcaster reports and refers to Kramer's statements. Wher Wohlleben is now observed by constitutional protection offices after his release of custody, President of constitutional protection did not want to tell MDR.

NSU-Process-Wohlleben released from custody NSU-supporter Ralf Wohlleben has been released for time being. In trial he was sentenced to ten years in prison, six years and eight months he was already in custody. © Photo: Peter Kneffel/DPA

The verdicts in NSU trial had been spoken a week ago. The co-defendant Wohlleben was sentenced to ten years in prison for aiding murder. He had been in custody for six years and eight months, and was released this Wednesday. After conviction of upper Oberlandesgericht Munich, Wohlleben was procurer of type Česká pistol, with which right-terrorists Uwe Böhnhardt and Uwe Mundt shot nine migrants. In his statements in court, Wohlleben denied a responsibility for murders.

Although court did not believe it, conviction of ten years ' imprisonment, instead of twelve years required by indictment, made it clear way for present release of custody. Wher – and if so, when – he has to go to prison for remainder of third, is not foreseeable and decides at earliest when judgment becomes final. There is also no deadline for this, according to experts, this should not be case before year 2020.

"Bitter" consequence of a "surprisingly mild punishment"

From point of view of prosecutor Jochen Weingart, Wohlleben was "chief supporter" of NSU. In addition, Wohlleben was also an NPD functionary in Thuringia. His person was regarded as evidence of overlap of right-wing extremist party and Neo.

Gamze Kubaşık, daughter of 2006 in Dortmund shot trader Mehmet Kubaşık, calls release "bitter". It is especially case that in addition to surprisingly mild punishment of two and a half years, Neo André E. With Wohlleben, a second of "authoritative NSU supporters outside of Neo celebrate", said Kubaşıks lawyer Sebastian Scharmer.

Wohlleben was celebrated during process like a martyr in right scene and supported with money donations. Over and over again, neo-Nazis befriended NSU process and exchanged greetings with him and André E. From visitors ' gallery.

Well-being defenders of life also held a plea in his order, which was riddled with right thought and quotations from Adolf Hitler. Even during taking of evidence, life's three defenders had repeatedly provoked. The scandal came when, for example, defender Olaf Klemke warned against a threatening "Volkstod" of Germans in an application for refugee crisis.

Security authorities reckon that Wohlleben is now moving to Saxony-Anhalt. The Ministry of Interior in Magdeburg, on request, shared life of woman and common children. The authorities prepared for Wohlleben to go re too. Saxony-Anhalt is in close cooperation with security authorities of federal government and Länder. The ministry did not include furr details, including exact place of residence of a family of well-being.

Date Of Update: 19 July 2018, 12:02

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