Rescue ship: France could record refugees of Lifeline

The government in Paris signals that they want to help the people on the German rescue ship. A landing on Malta could thus be made possible.

Rescue ship: France could record refugees of   Lifeline

France has agreed to include refugees of German rescue ship Lifeline. The ship operated by a German aid organisation could possibly invest in Malta, said a spokesman of French government to radio station RTL. There is a "European solution" for ship.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke on Monday in a phone call with Malta's head of government, Joseph Muscat, on ship, said spokesman. His Government is prepared to send a team of experts to Malta to examine asylum applications of refugees "individually".

In Malta, Spain and Italy, Lifeline had previously refused to start a port in ir countries. The ship awaits, operated by Dresden Aid organization Mission Lifeline, has refore been running for days with 234 refugees on board in international waters off coast of Malta.

Italy threatened with seizure

Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of xenophobic Lega Party had confirmed on Monday that ships from relief agencies that are taking refugees off Libyan coast are no longer allowed to start Italian ports. Salvini also said that lifeline would not receive a permit to invest in Italy. The government in Rome threatened to confiscate ship.

The refugees on lifeline were taken on Thursday near Libyan coast. On Sunday, according to Mission Lifeline, a supply of food and drinking water came from Malta. The sea-eye and sea-watch vessels would have also brought medicines and blankets.

The aid organization fears a similar fate for your ship as that of Aquarius. The ship was initially dismissed by Italy and Malta with more than 600 people on board. Only after a longer odyssey could refugees on Aquarius go ashore in Spain a good week ago. In this case, too, France had agreed to accept some of refugees.

Date Of Update: 26 June 2018, 12:02

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