Rhineland-Palatinate: Lions, Tigers and jaguars were never broken out

Several predators were missing for hours in a Eifel zoo. It was said that they had broken out. Then came the unwarning – and finally the admission.

Rhineland-Palatinate: Lions, Tigers and jaguars were never broken out

In case of Lünebacher Eifel Zoo in Rhineland-Palatinate, authorities were now finally able to give a final warning: temporarily missing predators had not escaped from ir enclosures, but had apparently not left m all time.

At noon, a spokesman for district of Bitburg-Prüm warned against wild animals. It was said that a bear, two tigers, two lions and a Jaguar had erupted from ir enclosures. According to SWR, residents of zoo were asked to stay in ir homes and report sighted animals to police.

Neir zoo nor authorities shared how animals could succeed in outbreak. Media had speculated that animals ' enclosures had been partially destroyed by storms of last days.

However, re was no official confirmation of se reports. But shortly after warning, warning – at least in reports of German press Agency and Trier folk friend: All animals were caught again.

This message was also not quite correct, because bear, which was also reported to have been lost, had actually run out and could not be captured again, but had to be shot on a path in zoo according to official information.

The mayor of Verbandsgemeinde of Arzfeld, Andreas Kruppert, had a simple explanation for increased number of headlines from Lünebacher Eifel Zoo: Because of floods – in fact a consequence of storms – it was not apparent at first that Lion, Tiger and Co. had always been found in ir enclosures. These lie in lower part of zoo, in less rainy times idyllically located near river Prüm.

According to Kruppert, it is now to be checked wher enclosures are still in order, animals are constantly monitored. If necessary, animals would have to be brought to anor zoo.

Date Of Update: 02 June 2018, 12:02

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