Right-wing extremism: Twelve criminal proceedings initiated after rally in Köthen

The police state protection in Saxony is determined by the suspicion of the incitement of the people in Köthen. New details are also known about the incidents in Chemnitz.

Right-wing extremism: Twelve criminal proceedings initiated after rally in Köthen

The police initiated twelve criminal proceedings after rallies in Kön. Police State protection, among or things, is determined by suspicion of incitement of people, and a spokeswoman for local police department. After demonstration on Monday evening by AfD, four criminal charges were also made. In Kön, on night of Sunday, a 22-year-old German died of heart failure after a quarrel with two Afghans.

On Sunday evening, about 2,500 people took part in a protest march, according to security authorities about 500 right-wing extremists from Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony and Thuringia. On Monday evening, up to 550 people participated in anor rally.

A funeral service should be held on Tuesday evening. The right scene had mobilized its followers after incidents in Chemnitz and Kön also for a demonstration in Halle. There, on Monday evening out of March, was shown several times Hitler salute and called by some of approximately 450 participants "victory Salvation", as Police Directorate Saxony-Anhalt Süd shared. Some demonstrators had been heavily drunk and had spat on policemen.

Police report: "100 masked people looking for foreigners"

The ZDF magazine frontal 21 reports that a man who is supposed to have attacked foreign-looking people in Chemnitz from a spontaneous demonstration was supposedly a staff member of a nationwide security company. Thus, a spokesman for company Securitas confirmed that incident and its employees were known re. As early as end of August, "with immediate effect from employee, less than twelve hours after video became known to us," speaker is quoted.

On video of 26 August, whose aunticity President Hans-Georg Maaßen first doubted, is to see how men run after or people. There are calls to be heard like "skin off! What is it, you Kanaks? "and" You are not welcome! ".

According to Frontal 21, an internal Lagefilm of police shows that Chemnitz police had to deal with an intense threat situation on August 27th. The police report furr shows that re were several attempts by right-wing perpetrators to attack leftist demonstrators or alleged foreigners between 21 and 10 p.m. At 21.42 pm It is said in report: "100 Masked Persons (right) seek foreigners."

According to frontal 21, report says: "20 to 30 masked people armed with stones in direction of Brühl, Shalom Restaurant". The displayed attack on Jewish restaurant in Chemnitz had a stir nationwide.

The mayor of Chemnitz Barbara Ludwig said that she was waiting for her letter of invitation to Chancellor Angela Merkel to propose a date from chancellor's office. The SPD politician said that y wished head of government and CDU chairman to meet people of Chemnitz for discussion. "She should come to a dialogue with citizens and not just to talk to me."

Date Of Update: 12 September 2018, 12:00

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