Rome: Italian police concede Roma camp

The Rome police have cleared a Roma minority camp with hundreds of people. Previously, the European Court of Human Rights had asked for postponement.

Rome: Italian police concede Roma camp

In Italian capital, a camp with several hundred members of Roma minority has been vacated. The mayor justified measure with health risks for inhabitants of illegal barracks settlement on outskirts of city. There were hygiene problems, wrote Mayor Virginia Raggi on Facebook. The residents were offered alternative accommodation and voluntary return to ir home countries.

The fact that "Camping River" was already vacated on Thursday was an outrage because European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) had asked Italy on Tuesday to wait and provide furr information by Friday.

However, in evening, a court spokesman said that so-called interim measure had been repealed on Thursday. It should prevent three health-battered residents of camp from being expelled. The three had fought in Strasbourg against impending eviction.

The court was now satisfied with solution: The three residents had accepted to move into accommodations that authorities had offered m, speaker told. The provisional measure was refore repealed.

"They have taken us and thrown into street, like dogs," complained a resident of settlement in television channel RAI. The Associazione 21 Luglio, which is committed to rights of Roma, also criticized action. According to your data, only a small minority of Roma families have been offered a new place to stay. About 100 inhabitants were stranded outside camp.

According to organization, between 120,000 and 180,000 Roma live in Italy. An estimated 26,000 of m live in settlements like "Camping River".

The authorities are repeatedly clearing illegal camps of Roma in outskirts of large cities. The Italian Minister of Interior, Matteo Salvini, finally took care of demand for a census of members of minority for excitement. This allows expulsion of foreigners without a valid residence status. However, many Roma in Italy are Italian citizens.

Date Of Update: 27 July 2018, 12:02

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