Russian invasion: War against Ukraine: That's the situation

The Ukrainian army is coming under increasing pressure in the eastern region of Donetsk - but according to its own statements it has initially fended off all Russian advances.

Russian invasion: War against Ukraine: That's the situation

The Ukrainian army is coming under increasing pressure in the eastern region of Donetsk - but according to its own statements it has initially fended off all Russian advances. Since conquering the neighboring region of Luhansk, the Russians have concentrated their attacks in the Donbass on Donetsk, where they have so far conquered around 60 percent of the territory.

Against this background, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked for new Western weapons - and at the same time thanked those who had already been delivered, which made successful counter-offensives possible. "Any attack on the enemy's ammunition depots, on their command posts and on Russian technology stockpiles saves all of our lives, the lives of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians," he said.

Ukrainian General Staff: Advances in Donetsk repelled

Russian offensives in the direction of the cities of Sloviansk, Bakhmut and Avdiivka had been repelled, the Ukrainian general staff said in its evening report. Fierce fighting has been raging around Bakhmut in particular for days. The small town is considered a cornerstone of the defense system surrounding the last Ukrainian-held metropolitan area in Donbass. Should Bakhmut and other smaller towns fall, the way for Russia's troops would be largely free in the direction of the major cities of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk.

Zelenskyj praises the successes of the Ukrainian army

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy praised his armed forces for successful counterattacks - emphasizing the role of Western weapons. In the past week, the Ukrainian army has achieved "strong results" in the destruction of Russian war logistics, Zelenskyy said in his video address on Sunday night.

Selenskyj thanked western partners for previous arms deliveries. He referred in particular to the United States, which a few days ago announced further arms deliveries to Ukraine in the amount of 550 million dollars. This should include ammunition for the Himar multiple rocket launcher system and 75,000 artillery shells. At the same time Zelenskyj asked for further military aid.

Russian occupation administration reports death of member

According to the Russian occupation administration, one of its members died after an attack in the southern Ukrainian region of Cherson. The deputy head of the administration set up by the Russians in the city of Nova Kakhovka, Vitaly Gura, has succumbed to his injuries, pro-Russian politician Yekaterina Gubareva wrote on Telegram. The Russian state news agency Ria Novosti also reported Gura's death. Accordingly, he is said to have been attacked by unknown persons with a gun earlier in the day near his house.

As a result of the war of aggression against Ukraine, which has been going on for around five and a half months, Russian troops have conquered several areas in southern Ukraine and set up their own administrations there. Since then, there have been repeated protests from the population against the new occupying power, particularly in Cherson. Russian and pro-Russian media also repeatedly reported attacks.

Arrival of the grain freighter in Lebanon is postponed

The first cargo ship with Ukrainian grain since the beginning of the war docked in Lebanon later than expected. The arrival of the ship "Razoni" planned for this Sunday has been canceled, the ARD reported, citing the Ukrainian ambassador in Lebanon. No information was given about the reasons. The Russian state news agency Tass, citing a source from the port administration in Tripoli in northern Lebanon, reported that the freighter will dock there on Tuesday - it has changed its route.

In protest: Ukrainian Amnesty director resigns

The head of the Ukrainian branch of the human rights organization Amnesty International resigned in response to a controversial report on the warfare by the Ukrainian army. "Unless you live in a country that's being invaded by occupiers who are tearing it to pieces, you probably don't understand what it's like to condemn an ​​army of defenders," Oxanna Pokalchuk wrote on Facebook.

In a report published last Thursday, Amnesty accused the Ukrainian army of entrenching itself in residential areas and thereby unnecessarily endangering civilians. Pokaltschuk now reproached her former colleagues for not preparing the report cleanly enough. In Kyiv there is also criticism that the focus on misconduct by the army of the attacked country is driving a perpetrator-victim reversal.

Ambassador to Ukraine raises hopes of Pope's visit

Is the Pope going to Ukraine soon? The Ukrainian ambassador to the Vatican fueled this rumor after an audience with Francis. Ukraine has been waiting for the head of the Catholic Church since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression, Andriy Yurasch wrote on Twitter. And they will be happy to "welcome him before his trip to Kazakhstan". The pontiff is planning a three-day trip to Kazakhstan for September 13. The Vatican did not make any details of the conversation with Jurasch public, but only confirmed the meeting on Saturday morning.

That will be important on Sunday

In the Donetsk region, the Ukrainian army continues to defend the last major conurbation still under its control in the Donbass. In particular, the strategically important small town of Bakhmut is under severe pressure from Russian attacks.

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