Salisbury: Counter-terrorism determined by unknown substance

Near the British Salisbury, two people are in danger of life due to an unknown substance. The case reminds of the poisoning of the ex-agent Skripal.

Salisbury: Counter-terrorism determined by unknown substance

After two people near British city of Salisbury have shown serious signs of intoxication, British counter-terrorism investigates. The two were in danger of life, shared authorities. Since substance has been unknown, counter-terrorism has been brought in.

Last Saturday, a man and a woman had been unconsciously found in a house in Amesbury, which is about twelve kilometers from Salisbury. As police have pointed out, two 40-year-olds are now being treated at hospital in Salisbury for "suspected contact with an unknown substance."

In March, parts of downtown Salisbury had been sealed off after former Russian double agent Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julija were poisoned re with Nowitschok. The case made global headlines and triggered a diplomatic crisis between Britain and Russia.

Police initially went from drug abuse

The police initially did not make any statements as to wher a second case could be Skripal. "It is not yet clear wher it is a crime," said vice-Sheriff of Wiltshire County, Paul Mills. The police initially assumed that two might have taken contaminated drugs, such as heroin, crack or cocaine. Some areas in Salisbury as well as in city of Amesbury about 13 km furr north should have been closed off as a precaution.

The British newspaper Sun reported that symptoms of man and woman found in Amesbury north of Salisbury were very similar to those that had occurred at Skripal. The couple is now treated in same hospital, where Skripals were also housed.

The British government dealt with case with "extreme seriousness," office of Prime Minister Theresa May shared. May and senior ministers would be kept up to date. Accordingly, an emergency meeting was already in place to obtain information on findings and situation on ground.

Date Of Update: 05 July 2018, 12:02

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