Saxony: Angela Merkel wants to go to Chemnitz

After the right-wing radical protests in Chemnitz, the chancellor of the city offered a conversation. Both sides confirm the project, an appointment has not yet been determined.

Saxony: Angela Merkel wants to go to Chemnitz

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) wants to visit Chemnitz. This confirmed press office of federal government time online. Angela Merkel had called Mayor Barbara Ludwig (SPD) and offered a conversation, Ludwig accepted offer and also invited Merkel. "The Chancellor accepts invitation," federal government shared on request. There is no specific date yet. According to city, a civil dialogue was planned in October, to which Chancellor was invited.

After violent death of a 35-year-old in Chemnitz, re had been several demonstrations organized by right-wing radical groups with thousands of participants. A Syrian and an Iraqi sit in custody, after a third suspects is still gefahndet.

Accelerated criminal proceedings after Hitler's greetings

During marches through city centre re were racist attacks and hunting-like scenes, even journalists were attacked. Right-wing radicals and racist slogans fell, some demonstrators showed forbidden Hitler salute. The general public Prosecutor's office in Dresden identified and applied for accelerated criminal proceedings in two cases: men aged 32 and 34 years were to have shown Hitler salute on August 27th. One of m should have insulted a cop.

In accelerated criminal proceedings, inter alia, intermediate procedure is omitted; At same time, Public prosecutor's office charges in writing and court examines m. In case of accelerated procedures, survey takes place orally during trial. The prerequisite is that facts are simple and evidence is clear. In addition, no prison sentence of more than one year may be imposed. Those who show Hitler's greetings in Germany can be punished with fines or up to three years in prison.

The protests are defended by politicians and supporters of AfD until openly supported. Several SPD politicians refore demand an observation of AfD in Saxony through protection of Constitution. "The chase of Chemnitz marks a turning point," said Bundestag vice President Thomas Oppermann. Bundestag MEP Sören Bartol said to Frankfurter Rundschau: The AfD was "no longer a protest party, but in part an open extremist party that is questioning our democracy and threatening minorities, journalists and dissidents and with verbal and physical violence ". The Saxon constitutional Protection rejects an observation of AfD.

Updated Date: 05 September 2018, 12:00

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