Saxony: JVA official suspended for publication of arrest warrant

After the death of a chemnitzer, the arrest warrant of a suspect had been published. A judicial staff from Saxony was therefore suspended now.

Saxony: JVA official suspended for publication of arrest warrant

Due to publication of arrest warrant in case of a killed Chemnitzer, a judicial officer from Dresden has been suspended from service. This was shared by Saxon Ministry of Justice. Searches and furr investigations would have substantiated an initial suspicion against man in such a way that "with immediate effect management of services was banned".

A spokesman for Dresden Public Prosecutor's office said that man had gone to public and confessed deed. The Bild newspaper had previously quoted a man as saying, "I photographed warrant and passed it on."

The arrest warrant against a defendant in case of 35-year-old killed in Chemnitz had appeared on various websites on Wednesday, partly blackened. Details of one of suspected offenders, including name and address, were mentioned in paper. The arrest warrant was distributed among ors by right-wing populist organisation Pro Chemnitz, a member of AfD and Pegida co-founder Lutz Bachmann. The prosecutor's office in Saxony is investigating violation of service secrets.

The Saxon Minister of Justice Sebastian Gemkow (CDU) called passing on of confidential documents of criminal proceedings irresponsible. The Dresden Public Prosecutor's Office has carried out extensive investigative measures so that it assumes "that search pressure on affected staff was so high that it was now".

Minister of Justice: publication could endanger investigative procedures

The publication of arrest warrant is liable to complicate investigations and prosecutions in progress and is refore rightly punishable. In worst case, this would jeopardise success of an investigation process and make it more difficult to prosecute perpetrators because witnesses could be influenced, for example. "Therefore, we cannot tolerate it in any way if a staffer does such a thing and will consistently act against it."

Previously, citizen of Bremen from right voter association had granted citizens in anger, Jan Timke, to have spread arrest warrant via Facebook. Neir he nor his employees are originator of leak, he said in Bremen. He just redistributed entry and deleted it again on Wednesday from his Facebook account. The post had already been disseminated in many social media, internet blogs and forums as well as media.

He criticized proceedings of Bremen Public Prosecutor's Office as exaggerated. The search for and seizure of electronic equipment was "disproportionate", said Timke. According to clause 353d of Penal Code, it can be punished with up to a year's imprisonment or a money payment, who publishes official documents of a court proceedings – such as a warrant – "before y have been discussed in public negotiations or Procedure is completed ". The prosecutor had searched his apartment in evening.

A 22-year-old Iraqi and a 23-year-old Syrian are suspected of attacking man from Chemnitz with a knife that later died of his injuries. You're in custody. After fact, predominantly right-handed demonstrators moved through city, rushed against foreigners, some were even attacked.

Date Of Update: 31 August 2018, 12:00

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