Severe weather in parts of Germany – new thunderstorms expected

Heavy rainfall has led to power outages, flooding and flight failures, especially in the west and southwest. And the risk of a storm lasts.

Severe weather in parts of Germany – new thunderstorms expected

In southwest, in Hesse UndNordrhein-Westphalia, re have been severe storms on Thursday evening. Zwarklangen thunderstorms at night, but Meteorologendes German wear Service (DWD) expect rain and thunderstorms again this Friday. Locally, DWD was again in danger of a storm.

At Stuttgart Airport, AmDonnerstagabend was eingestelltworden for hours due to storm. Several flights were cancelled. An airport employee who wanted to wait for release of flight operations in his car was brought to a clinic with injuries after SeinFahrzeug was struck by lightning.

"Within a short period of time, roads, Keller UndUnterführungen, were flooded in Stuttgart," said a spokesman for Stuttgart police headquarters. In Reutlingen, Esslingen and Mannheim, too, fire brigade AmDonnerstagabend had been discounted for numerous missions.

In Hesse, mainly DasRhein-main area was affected. At Frankfurt airport, no planes were able to start and land at times. According to airport operator Fraport There were about 80 flights. In a FrankfurterKrankenhaus, according to police information, one of heavy rain ausgelösterStromausfall operation largely lame. Large parts of clinic Musstenevakuiert be said to be a police spokesman.

Burning roof chairs in Bonn

In North Rhine-Westphalia it was mainly Sauerland, Ruhr area and Rhineland. In Plettenberg northwest of Sauerland, heavy rain led to police information on Ausfällenvon traffic lights, full-run cellars and high-pressured Gullydeckeln. " The location had calmed down again for evening, "said EinePolizeisprecherin. In Bonn, after lightning strikes, two roof-chairs burned, as fire department shared. There were no injuries. The operational forces also fought through Blitzschläge-induced tree fires.

Flooding also occurred in Bavaria, especially in Upper Bavaria and Oberfrankensowie Munich. In Bad Dürkheim in Rhineland-Palatinate re was also a landslide next to GeflutetenKellern and roads.

Date Of Update: 08 June 2018, 12:02

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