Severe weather: Thunderstorm front ensures traffic chaos

Due to severe weather, in parts of Germany, there were closures and delays in rail, car and air traffic. No machines were lifted in Frankfurt for half an hour.

Severe weather: Thunderstorm front ensures traffic chaos

A thunderstorm front has caused traffic disturbances in parts of Germany. Because of fallen trees, railways closed. At Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof train traffic was temporarily completely suspended. In addition, about half an hour of air traffic at Frankfurt am Main airport stood still, because a thunderstorm cell was located above Airportgelände.

At Deutsche Bahn, thunderstorms caused delays in places. The routes involved were Mainz-Mannheim, Hamm-Bielefeld, Frankfurt-Hanau and knot Frankfurt am Main. On Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof traffic was set for about a three quarters because of thunderstorm in afternoon, a train spokesman said. After thunderstorm was moved, it was expected that re would be restrictions in Hanover area in evening. Also on route between Münster and Osnabrück felled trees hindered railway traffic.

According to German railway, main-Mannheim route was blocked due to a fallen tree at Worms-Bobenheim, and long-distance trains were diverted. Storms with hurricane-like squalls of up to 110 kilometers per hour and rain also reached most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in many places. There line Hamm-Bielefeld was impassable due to trees on track, it was locked at Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Long-distance traffic was interrupted. The routes between Frankfurt and Hanau in Hesse were also blocked. This was a 90-minute delay.

Due to a thunderstorm cell above Frankfurt airport, clearance was stopped at 15.20 a.m. for safety reasons, as an airport spokeswoman said. After improvement of wear, check-in was resumed at 15.50 p.m., since n "normal operation".

District of Rosenheim called Catastrophe case

In Bavaria firefighters fought with fire-fighting helicopters against a forest fire in municipality of Kiefersfelden. The district of Rosenheim exclaimed catastrophe case. On district's website it was said that fire could "only be combated from air". "The terrain is so steep and winds are so unpredictable that emergency forces cannot be used near fire."

According to information, nearby Ramsauer ALM was evacuated as a precaution. Firefighters positioned mselves to prevent flames from overattacking Alm. About 200 forces from fire brigade, police, rescue service and guards were in use, district shared with.

According to German wear Service, great heat is over for time being – but summer is still warm.

Updated Date: 10 August 2018, 12:00

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