Stop on Breitscheidplatz: arrest warrant against alleged Hintermann of Anis Amri

According to media reports, the Federal Supreme Court has issued an arrest warrant against a Tunisian. He is said to have led Anis Amri to assassinate the Breitscheidplatz.

Stop on Breitscheidplatz: arrest warrant against alleged Hintermann of Anis Amri

In case of Anis Amri, investigating magistrate at Federal Court may have identified a Hintermann. An arrest warrant was issued against him, reports Süddeutsche Zeitung, NDR and WDR. The presumed Hintermann is refore 32-year-old Tunisian Meher D. He was Amri to lead assassination of Christmas market at Berliner Breitscheidplatz. Meher D. Are accused of becoming a member of a terrorist group and aiding in murder.

According to reports, investigators assume that in year 2015, Meher D. Left his hometown of Tunis in Libya to join terrorist militia "Islamic State" (IS). Since autumn of 2016, d. has taken care of Anis Amri living in Berlin from afar. The rank of Meher D. Within IS is unclear so far. His current whereabouts are also unknown, he is still suspected in civil war country Libya. The Federal Criminal Police Office is working toger with Tunisian authorities in investigation, including Federal Intelligence Service and US intelligence agencies. The Tunisian judiciary has been searching for some time after Meher D.

At attack of December 19, 2016, Amri killed eleven people, 67 ors were injured. Amri himself was shot by police in Milan a few days after attack. The case is still occupied by investigators and various investigative committees in North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin. Amri was known to police as a Islamist endanger, against this background authorities are in criticism.

The network Amris is also unclear. The Federal Criminal Police Office assumes that a so-called instructor of Terrorganisation is communicated under camouflage Moumou1 via an encrypted chat with Amri. A note from BKA mentioned "High importance of mentor". Whose "inspiration and influence" was "of essential importance for creation of Tatentschlusses". So far, however, his identity was unknown.

Date Of Update: 06 July 2018, 12:02

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