Susanna F.: 14-year-old missing found dead, suspect again free

A missing girl was found dead in Hesse. According to the police, it was murdered. A suspect is in Iraq, a second was temporarily detained.

Susanna F.: 14-year-old missing found dead, suspect again free

The young people who were missing for days Susanna F. From Mainz were murdered and presumably raped by police. The police took a suspects temporarily, but released it during day. The suspicion against 35-year-old Turkish citizen had not hardened, told police.

The or suspect, a 20-year-old fugitive from Iraq, is, according to police, fleeing to his country of origin. After this will be re gefahndet. According to West Hessian police President Stefan Müller, young people killed knew bror of suspects Iraqi and was occasionally in shelter of refugee.

According to Müllers, suspect who is already known as a policeman is presumably departed last Thursday with his family. This was possible because suspicions against 20-year-old were not enough to arrest him. Lastly, family from far, mor, suspect and his five siblings lived in a refugee accommodation in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim and flew from Düsseldorf to Istanbul and from re onwards to Iraqi Erbil.

According to president of police, re were different names on airline tickets than in German residence papers also presented at airport. According to him, family also had so-called laissez-passer documents in Arabic and with passport images, which were issued by Iraqi embassy. According to Müller, passport photos were matched at airport but not names.  Embassies, for example, may provide such passport replacement papers if passport has been lost or is no longer valid. A rejected asylum seeker who is obliged to leave Germany can rely on paper quickly and unbureaucratically. It is a one-time entry and is valid for a few days.

Corpse in hard-to-reach area

The detained 35-year-old is to be brought to custody judge.

Her mor had reported 14-year-old on May 22 as missing, as police announced. She had been travelling with friends in city of Wiesbaden and did not return home in evening as agreed.

The police n received several witnesses indicating a crime. After a long search, police found a female corpse in a hard-to-reach area near Wiesbaden-Erbenheim on Wednesday afternoon. A DNA check had undoubtedly revealed that it was her body of youth, it was said.

Note from 13-year-old

According to chief prosecutor Achim Thoma, young people were strangled or – with a remedy – choked. There is a suspicion that Susanna was previously raped, he said. According to autopsy of corpse, this should have already happened on evening of ir disappearance.

The investigators were given a decisive indication of crime by a 13-year-old who is also a refugee. The connection between two suspects is unclear. According to a report from General newspaper, 20-year-old Iraqi told him that he had buried girl's body.

As Central Council of Jews, Susanna – as her mor still is – was a member of Jewish community of Mainz.

Date Of Update: 08 June 2018, 12:02

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